In his first public appearance since his divorce from wife Lisa Bonet, Jason…

Jason Momoa Was Spotted Without His Wedding Ring In His…

In his first public appearance since his divorce from wife Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa was seen without his wedding ring.

When Jason Momoa stepped out for the first time in Los Angeles since announcing his breakup from wife Lisa Bonet, he drew a lot of attention, but it wasn’t just because of his muscles.

On Sunday, the 42-year-old newly single actor was caught conducting errands around town without his wedding ring. His appearance comes less than a week after announcing the end of his marriage to the actress.

In a black Bob Marley t-shirt, ripped jeans, and boots, Momoa flaunted his muscles. The Aquaman actor’s missing metal band was hard not to notice while wearing a dark-colored hat, face mask, and sunglasses.

Lisa Bonet was fed up with Jason Momoa’s hectic schedule and desired more time with him before their breakup.

Bonet’s ex put his bare finger on full view while picking up an empty box at a local grocery shop.

Momoa broke the news of their breakup in a since-deleted Instagram post last week. «In these transformative times, we’ve all felt the pinch and shifts… Our family is no exception to the revolution that is taking place… The former couple’s statement stated, «We are feeling and growing from the seismic transformations occurring.» «As a result, we’ve informed our family that we’re divorcing.»

«We disclose this not because we believe it’s noteworthy,» the statement said, «but so that we can live our lives with dignity and honesty.» «Our love continues to evolve in the ways it wishes to be known and loved. We give each other permission to be the people we’re learning to be…»

Momoa and Bonet were married for four years but had been together for over a decade before that. They have two children: 14-year-old Lola and 13-year-old Nakoa-Wolf. Of course, Bonet is the mother of 33-year-old actress Zo Kravitz.

According to Radar, Momoa and Bonet lived separate lives for months before disclosing the news, which is thought to be part of the issue.

The actress apparently had enough of her husband being away for work while filming Aquaman and other projects, according to reports. Since earning his role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, Momoa has been filming nonstop and hasn’t had a genuine vacation.

According to a source, the two «were fantastic for years until they weren’t anymore.» «Because they have separate focuses, they have grown apart.» They also mentioned that Momoa is focused on work after years of battling to find opportunities, whilst Bonet prefers to stay at home.

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