‘1000-Lb. Best Friends’ is a phrase that means «1000-Lb. Best Friends.» Vannessa…


‘1000-Lb. Best Friends’ is a phrase that means «1000-Lb. Best Friends.» Vannessa Tears Meghan Up Over An Exercise Mistake.

HL has an EXCLUSIVE look at the first episode of TLC’s newest series, ‘1000-Lb. Best Friends,’ which starts on February 7. After Vannessa rants at her, Meghan becomes irritated.

The best of friends In the new series 1000-Lb., Vannessa and Meghan, as well as Tina and Ashely, are battling obesity. The best of friends. Meghan tries to assist Vannessa with her workouts in our EXCLUSIVE preview of the February 7 premiere, but it doesn’t go so well.

«Even when I haven’t eaten as healthily as I know I should, Meghan makes an effort to keep me on track.» Vannessa says, «She’s always got a new insane frickin’ workout to attempt.» Meghan admits that she’s always thinking of new methods to make working out more enjoyable. «I try to find ways to make things fun for us,» she admits, «but it’s not easy being big girls.»

1000-Lb. Best Friends

Meghan and Vannessa are the stars of ‘1000-Lb. Best Friends.’

Meghan has already undergone weight loss surgery and wants to assist her bestie in resuming her fitness routine. They try to exercise together and conduct a hula-hooping routine. Vannessa had a hard time with the exercise tool right away.

«Shut the f**k up for a goddamn second,» Vannessa yells at Meghan when she tries to help. Vannessa is annoyed because she is using the exercise gadget incorrectly by placing it under her chest.

«To be honest, I’m not sure why Vanessa is yelling at me when I’m attempting to assist her. It’s not my fault that she’s fat. Meghan, who is crying, says, «She needs to accept responsibility for herself.» «It irritates me because all I want to do is shake her and say, ‘What’s it going to take?'» «I’m not interested in burying you.»

1000-Lb. Best Friends

Meghan is angry that Vannessa won’t take losing weight seriously.

The story of Vannessa and Meghan began on the television show Too Large. They were bullied in middle school because of their weight, and they’ve been there for each other ever since. When Meghan’s weight reached nearly 600 pounds, they resolved to take charge of their life and undergo weight loss surgery.

Meghan was the only one who qualified, while Vannessa was the only one who didn’t. Meghan’s weight loss, on the other hand, has slowed since she decided to go forward with the operation. TLC’s 1000-Lb. Best Friends will premiere on Mondays at 10 p.m.