While playing down and dirty rugby in London, Kate Middleton is lifted into the air


Kate Middleton took part in a training session in Twickenham on February 2 after taking up Prince Harry’s duties as Royal Patron of the Rugby Football League and England Rugby.

On February 2, Kate Middleton appeared to be having a great time while participating in a rugby training session. The Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to England rugby players and even got her hands dirty on the pitch.

Kate was beaming as she was hoisted into the air in the celebration by some of the other participants in the session. She was dressed in a black tracksuit with her hair in a ponytail, exuding athleticism as she participated in the sport.

kate middleton

Kate Middleton gets lifted into the air during a rugby game.

After being named the new Royal Patron of the Rugby Football League and England Rugby, Kate made an appearance at this rugby match. Her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, previously held the title, but he hasn’t held it since leaving the royal family as a senior member in 2021. Meanwhile, Prince William, Kate’s spouse, is the Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union.

«I am ecstatic to join @TheRFL and @EnglandRugby as a Patron,» Kate stated. «Two wonderful unions dedicated to leveraging the power of sport in uniting communities and assisting individuals in achieving their full potential.» I’m excited to collaborate with them at all levels of the games and to support England in what promises to be a fantastic year for both sports!»

kate middelton

Kate Middleton playing rugby.

Kate met with players from the England men’s and women’s rugby union international teams at a training session on February 2. Her job requires her to be the Rugby Football Union’s public face, supervising both grassroots and elite rugby in England. She’ll also be a patron for wheelchair rugby, as well as professional and grassroots clubs.

Despite the fact that we’re used to seeing Kate in dresses and elegant outerwear, she’s never been shy to keep it casual. Kate has demonstrated her athleticism several times throughout her time as Duchess of Cambridge. She can’t be stopped!