On Coffee Run, Chris Pine is unrecognizable with his teeny-tiny ponytail


It’s impossible to tell whether it’s a Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, or David Beckham! We know it’s Chris Pine, and we’re digging his new, laid-back look.

Brad Pitt, step aside! There’s some competition for you and your teeny-tiny ponytail! On Tuesday, Jan. 11, Chris Pine, 41, headed out in a stylish ensemble to get some coffee. To stop by the Blue Bottle Coffee café in Los Feliz, the Star Trek superstar wore a black zip-up hoodie with jogging shorts over black leggings and] shoes.

Chris Pine out getting coffee in Los Feliz

But returning to the hair – don’t you just adore it?! And we’ve all been there: your hair is somewhere in the middle, too short for a perfect ponytail but too long to wear down without it being in your face all day. But, like Justin Bieber, Chris will soon be able to pull off the ever-stylish man bun. It makes no difference what he does with his hair; he’ll always look good!

And, to tell you the truth, it’s just good to see him again! Throughout the pandemic, Chris has been hard at work on a number of high-profile new projects, including a film adaptation of the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons and the next instalment of the Star Trek franchise, in which he portrays Captain Kirk. But it’s been almost two years since we last saw the movie star in a film! Wonder Woman 1984 (never forget the fanny pack!) with Gal Gadot was his most recent film to please audiences.

A closer look at Chris Pine’s new hair makeover while out in LA.

But I have a question: for what part did he grow the beard? You’ll notice a scruffy beard beneath Mr. Pine’s mask if you look attentively at our rare sighting of him. Could James T. Kirk have succumbed to the passage of time? Could it be for another reason? Now, if seeing Chris out and about wasn’t so uncommon, we might be able to make a better prediction!

Regardless, 2022 is already shaping up to be the year of celebrity hair changes. Jennifer Aniston is letting her hair become curly; Bowen Yang is going platinum to start the new year, but no one can compete with Demi Lovato and the alterations she’s made to her appearance!

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