Pamela Anderson: She Married Dan Hayhurst for the ‘Wrong Reasons’: Why…


Pamela Anderson: She Married Dan Hayhurst for the ‘Wrong Reasons’: Why Doesn’t Romance Work Anymore?

Pamela Anderson is EXCLUSIVELY contemplating her divorce from Dan Hayhurst after just over a year of marriage, according to sources.

Pamela Anderson is divorcing her bodyguard husband Dan Hayhurst after a year of marriage, and a source close to the actress is now speaking out about her sentiments over the split.

«Pamela married Dan for the wrong reasons,» says the narrator. She wasn’t in love; she was in lust. And because they were in the thick of a pandemic, he really helped her get through it,» a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

«It was amazing how they quarantined together.» He was precisely what Pamela needed at the time, and the emotions were raw. «However, Pamela realized right before the holidays that this wasn’t working for either of them,» the insider revealed.

«First and foremost, she despised living in Canada. She is a true California girl, and not being able to see her sons hurt her a lot. It’s over, and the divorce is proceeding, yet there is no ill will between them. Neither of them will say anything negative about the other. It simply didn’t function anymore.»

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Pam’s sons Brandon and Dylan, according to a family source, are «very supportive of their mother no matter what» and are «happy she’s back in LA» to spend more quality time with her. «Brandon and Dylan have complete faith in their mother to know what is best for her and to make the greatest decisions for herself,» the source revealed.

«They’re proud of her for being able to see what she wants in a partner and never settling for less.» They know their mother expected this marriage to endure forever, so they’re disappointed for her, but they adore their mother, and whatever makes her happy makes them happy.»

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Over the 2020 holidays, Pamela married Dan in a discreet, personal wedding. Pam and Jon Peters started dating in September 2020, seven months after Pam’s divorce from movie mogul Jon Peters.

They were living on Pamela’s Vancouver island house, but the Baywatch actress has since returned to Malibu and removed her ring. She will be divorcing for the fifth time.

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