The night before storming off the football field in the middle of the game…


The night before storming off the football field in the middle of the game, Antonio Brown slipped an OnlyFans model into his hotel room.

Antonio Brown, a former NFL wide receiver for the Buccaneers, is said to have slipped OnlyFans model Ava Louise into his hotel room the night before his spectacular meltdown and escape from the Bucs-Jets football game.

The former Buc allegedly slipped 23-year-old Ava – an OnlyFans model who went viral in 2020 for licking the lid of a toilet seat – into his hotel room the night before Sunday’s game, where they allegedly had an intense sex session before she decided to leave, according to the Daily Mail.

Ava told the source how it all started after he phoned her on the phone and told her to go to the Westin Hotel where the Buccaneers were staying while in New Jersey. She even supplied screenshots of some of their communications.

«He kept telling me that I had the money for you, that I had a bonus for you, and I was like, what are you talking about?» «I just thought that was strange,» she told the outlet. «I said, ok, I’ll just go see what this is about since it’s Antonio Brown, and it’s the day before the Jets game, so I’ll go,» she said.

She was then allegedly forced to sneak past hotel security after arriving at the Westin at 11:15 p.m. owing to current NFL Covid guidelines requiring teams to remain in a virus-free «bubble» that does not allow guests.

Ava reports that Antonio then went on a diatribe about the NFL and Covid, during which he allegedly told her, «F—k the NFL.»

«You don’t even know my insanity right now,» the former football player allegedly told the OnlyFans model. You have no idea how crazy I am right now.»

But things seemed to become weirder as Antonio insisted on filming them having sex for her to upload on her OnlyFans account, according to Ava.

«When we had sex, he wanted to record it on my phone and make a tape.» She claims, «He wanted me to put it out there.» «I glanced at him and thought to myself, ‘Are you serious right now?’ He certainly was. «You’re Antonio Brown, why would you want that scandal?» I ask again.

«However, he desired to construct that.» Given how he’s been acting in the media, I believe it was on purpose. He wants the attention; he wants this to be associated with his name.»

Despite Antonio’s invitation to stay the night, Ava is said to have left at 12:30 a.m. because he had an early morning meeting with Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Ava is apparently speaking up because she is concerned about Antonio’s mental health and condition following his tantrum and midgame exit from Sunday’s football game.

«I had no intention of ever exposing Antonio Brown,» she explained, «but then I witnessed what happened and I realized, oh my gosh, I’ve seen the circumstances leading up to this collapse — I’m involved.» «He was muttering, so I couldn’t comprehend half of what he said.» «This individual did not appear to be in good health.»

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