Eissa Al Mana, Janet Jackson’s Son: Everything You Need to Know


Janet Jackson is an entertainment powerhouse who is noted for her unique style as a singer and performer. Eissa Al Mana is her only child. Here’s where you can learn more about her gorgeous toddler!

Janet Jackson, 55, is not only a phenomenally gifted singer, actress, and performer who has spent practically her entire life on stage, but she also has a lovely kid, Eissa Al Mana, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Quatari businessman Wissam Al Mana. In 2012, the couple married in secret and announced in 2016 that they were expecting a child together.

In 2009, the «Scream» singer told Harper’s BAZAAR, «I think if I’m genuinely destined to have kids, it will happen, if that’s God’s plan for me.» Janet was fortunate in that she was able to become pregnant at the incredible age of 50.

Learn more about Janet’s 5-year-old son in the video below!

Janet Jackson puts her baby bump on display! https://t.co/IXnFfAQc0T pic.twitter.com/pcieEcFXRT

— The Root (@TheRoot) October 12, 2016

Eissa Al Mana: Who Is He?

Janet stated to her followers in an April 2016 video that she and her then-husband, Wassam, were «planning a family» together, postponing her Unbreakable tour. «Please understand that I need to do this right now. Doctor’s orders require that I rest.» Janet gave birth to Eissa on January 3, 2017. Since then, the Poetic Justice star has remained notoriously discreet about her baby boy, but she did post a snapshot of him shortly after his birth (above).

«My son has taught me that love can always grow deeper, no matter how deeply you thought you have felt it. «Love has no bounds,» she told Billboard in 2018. «How lucky I am now to be concerned, first and foremost, with the wellbeing of someone else, for someone like me, raised in show business where self-concern is always a priority.» I feel at ease every day and every night when holding my baby in my arms. I am fortunate. I’m in a good mood. Everything is fine with the world in those moments.»

Janet and Wissam split up seven months after Eissa was born, as the R&B singer’s brother, Randy Jackson, revealed to PEOPLE at the time about the divorce and custody struggle over their kid. Randy alleged, «It was a very abusive environment.»

«It started later in the relationship, with verbal abuse and being treated as if she were a prisoner in her own home.» No pregnant lady should have to deal with being called a bitch on a daily basis. That sort of stuff happened. That’s exactly what she had to go through.»

Despite the pressures of being a single mom, Janet confessed that she chose not to hire a nanny for help. «It was my mum who did it.» It was her mother who did it. According to Parade, she stated, «Why can’t I?» in an interview with an Australian radio station. «We’ll see,» says the narrator.

I’m sure I’ll need someone in the future for a little help here and there, but I’m enjoying the fact that I don’t have someone [right now]. I’ve always been patient, but there’s a lot more patience required [in parenting], and I had no idea I was as patient as I am. He is the most important person in my life. Everything revolves around him, from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. In my life, he takes precedence.»

He may decide to follow in his mother’s footsteps

Janet shared this lovely photo of her son (with his classmates) celebrating with gifts from Paw Patrol, a popular children’s television show. Janet revealed on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon in February 2020 that her kid is «very musical» and plays the cello and violin, in addition to his love of the anime series. QuestLove, a member of Jimmy’s band/The Roots, also handed Eissa a customized drum set, according to her. It’s so cute!

Janet spoke with InStyle about spending time with her son in public and the dangers of being seen by fans or paparazzi. «I’m annoyed and recognized, but I still do it.» I simply try to be kind and smile. «Really, just keep things moving,» she said.

She also talked about how she wants Eissa to grow up knowing the lessons she learned as a child.

«The foundation of being grounded as well as the foundation of a greater power.» Knowing who he is and that, regardless of ethnicity or gender, we are all equal. And that he should be courteous to others while also being respectful to others,» she told the outlet.

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