Actor Bob Saget was ‘unresponsive’ with ‘no pulse’ in his room, according…


Actor Bob Saget was ‘unresponsive’ with ‘no pulse’ in his room, according to a 911 call made by hotel staff.

The ‘Full House’ star was discovered not breathing in his room, according to a 911 call made by a hotel employee.

The actor was found «unresponsive» in his hotel room when he died on Sunday, January 9 at the age of 65, according to the 911 call made following his death. The call came after the late comedian was discovered dead in his room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes. The hotel staff notified authorities that Bob was not breathing in his room, according to the audio from the 911 call acquired by HollywoodLife.

Bob died at age 65 on Sunday, January 9.

A service worker told the operator that another employee had alerted him to the fact that a hotel patron didn’t have a pulse throughout the call. «In the room, there is an unresponsive guest.» «My officer informs me he doesn’t have a pulse,» he explained. The staff member confirmed that he was «not responsive, not breathing, and [had] no pulse» when the operator asked for confirmation.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement following Bob’s death, confirming that the Fuller House star was the individual found in the room. «Earlier today, deputies were dispatched to the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, in response to a report of a man in a hotel room who was unresponsive. Robert Saget was recognized as the victim and was pronounced dead on the scene. «In this case, there were no signs of foul play or drug usage,» the sheriff’s office tweeted.

Many of his former Full House co-stars, as well as others from the entertainment world, grieving the loss of Bob Saget after his death. Bob’s former co-stars wrote a moving homage to the comedian and actor in a united statement. «We got together as a TV family 35 years ago, but we became a real family.» We are now grieving as a family.

Bob made us laugh so hard that we were in tears. Our tears are now flowing in sadness, but also in appreciation for all the wonderful memories of our dear, kind, funny, and cherished Bob. For us males, he was a brother, for us girls, he was a father, and for all of us, he was a friend. Bob, you are highly loved by us. In honour of Bob, we ask that you hug the people you care about. In a joint statement, the actors noted, «No one delivered greater embraces than Bob.»

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