Amber Portwood reveals her daughter Leah, 12, is ’embarrassed’ by her on ‘Teen…

‘teen Mom: Family Reunion’: Amber Portwood Reveals Daughter Leah, 12,…

Amber Portwood reveals her daughter Leah, 12, is ’embarrassed’ by her on ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion.’

During the January 25 episode of ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion,’ Amber Portwood discussed her troubled relationship with her daughter Leah.

Although Amber Portwood’s connection with her 12-year-old daughter, Leah, is healing, the past is not forgotten. Amber opened up about the problems she’s having trying to mend her relationship with her daughter, and how Leah is «embarrassed» by her, on the Jan. 25 edition of Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

After Briana DeJesus started talking about her own relationship with her daughter and whether or not she thinks it’s acceptable to take Nova to see a therapist, Amber decided to open up. Nova isn’t in a position where she needs counseling to help her deal with her parents’ difficult relationship, according to Briana, but everyone assured her that therapy never hurts.

Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood on ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion.’ (MTV)

Amber is aware of this because she is now in therapy with Leah, which she claims has been beneficial to them. When Amber was talking about Leah, she added, «She doesn’t want anything to do with me.» However, she noted that treatment was «the best f***ing thing to f***ing do» for them.

When Cheyenne Floyd questioned Amber to clarify that Leah is «embarrassed» by her, Amber said, «She is – she’s stated it before.»

«There’s no excuse,» Amber stated when Cheyenne asked her how she handles discussing things with Leah that have appeared on Teen Mom OG over the years. I wasn’t sober at the time. It was necessary for me to become sober. The only way I was going to be sober was if I told them, «Put me in prison.» That’s exactly what I did, and I ultimately got sober. I was seeing Leah, but then there was this void, and I began to see all of these men. There is no justification.»

Amber Portwood’s daughter Leah (MTV)

Gary Shirley, Amber’s ex, and Maci Bookout, Amber’s co-star, praised Amber for «developing» so much in the last few years. They admitted to noticing a significant difference in Amber’s approach to her history.

«I believed everything I was doing was great,» Amber continued, adding that she had previously used her sadness as an excuse. She allowed it to influence when she saw or didn’t see Leah, but she’s since «changed» her ways. Amber informed the group, «I’m not making excuses to her anymore.»

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