Catherine Zeta-Jones snaps a photo of her husband Michael Douglas and their…


Catherine Zeta-Jones snaps a photo of her husband Michael Douglas and their doppelgänger children Dylan, 21, and Carys, 18.

Michael Douglas smiled as he posed in front of a beautiful waterfall with his adorable son Dylan and stunning daughter Carys.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 52, shared a stunning photo of her closest friends and family, and her followers are adoring it. On February 2, the actress caught a memorable moment with her husband Michael Douglas, 77, and their two children, Dylan, 21, and Carys, 18, as they explored nature and posed in front of a waterfall, which the actor shared on his Instagram page. «Good morning!» says the narrator. In the caption, he wrote, «@carys.douglas @dylan douglas: @catherinezetajones.»

Michael is wearing a gray T-shirt and red shorts in the photo, and he stands in the midst of his children, both arms around each of them. Dylan is wearing a gray and red graphic T-shirt and camouflaged pants on his left, and Carys is sporting an olive green top and black camouflaged shorts on his right.

Following the doting father’s post of the rare but wonderful photo, his fans flocked to the comments section to express their delight. «I recognize Michael’s expression… «You should be as proud as punch to be in the middle of these two,» one fan remarked, while another noted that «both» of Michael’s children have his «smile.»

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas pose at a previous event.

«How precious! The girl looks precisely like Michael, and the boy looks absolutely like Catherine. A third follower commented, «STUNNING FAMILY,» while a fourth remarked the snapshot was «a lovely» and «great sight.»

The family celebrated Carys’ high school graduation in May and posed for other epic photos before Michael revealed the most recent photo Catherine shot of him and his kids. Catherine shared the adorable moments on social media, where she posed with her parents and brother outside of her school with enormous smiles.

“Carys!!! What a proud day for us as our daughter Carys receives her International Baccalaureate diploma with honors! You’re amazing, and we adore you. «,» stated the adoring mother in her caption.