After controversial social media posts, ‘RHOSLC’ star Jennie Nguyen was fired…


After controversial social media posts, ‘RHOSLC’ star Jennie Nguyen was fired from the show.

On his SiriusXM show, ‘Real Housewives’ executive producer Andy Cohen labeled Jennie’s posts «disgusting,» for which she has subsequently apologized.

After a series of disturbing Facebook remarks resurfaced, Bravo removed Jennie Nguyen, 44, from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. In a statement released on Tuesday, January 25, the channel said it will discontinue filming with her and apologized to her fans for not acting sooner.

Andy Cohen, the producer and host of Watch What Happens Life, also said on his SiriusXM show «Radio Andy» that there are discussions going on about how to respond to the posts, which he described as «disgusting and disturbing.»

In addition to stating that it had «ceased filming» with Jennie, the channel also stated that it was striving to strengthen the future cast of RHOSLC. «We acknowledge that when her inflammatory social media posts were brought to our attention, we failed to take proper action.» We will try to enhance our processes in the future to ensure that we make better-informed and more considered casting selections,» the channel stated in a statement.

Jennie was fired from ‘RHOSLC’ on Tuesday.

Andy had claimed during his program that he couldn’t divulge details of the discussions at the time, but he did call Jennie out for her contentious Facebook remarks from 2020. «The posts were unpleasant and disturbing, to put it mildly,» he added. Andy brought up the incident during a segment of his talk show Watch What Happens Live with Jennie’s former co-star Lisa Barlow on Monday, January 24.

Lisa stated that she did not «approve» of the posts. «I’m an outspoken anti-racist. «I’m hoping for the best for everyone,» she remarked. «It’s been years since I’ve looked at Jennie’s Facebook profile. «I was taken aback.»

Jennie was chastised after now-deleted Facebook posts from 2020 reappeared on Page Six, disparaging the Black Lives Matter movement. Another claimed post appeared to contain graphic images of violence. In a message posted on Instagram on January 19, Jennie apologized for the earlier posts. «I’d want to apologize and acknowledge the resurfacing of my deleted Facebook posts from 2020.»

I thought I was speaking out against violence at the time, but I’ve subsequently realized how harsh and insulting my statements were. It’s why I canceled that account over a year ago and why I’m still trying to learn about diverse points of view. «I deeply regret those posts and apologize for the hurt they caused,» she added.

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