Willem Dafoe Crash Will Forte’s ‘SNL’ Opening Monologue With Lorne Michaels


Kristen Wiig also showed up to support her buddy and ‘MacGruber’ castmate Will Forte, who was hosting his debut episode of ‘SNL’!

Will Forte, 51, was supposed to host Saturday Night Live on Jan. 22 — but it appears that showrunner Lorne Michaels made a scheduling error because Willem Dafoe assumed it was his week (he’s on Jan. 29). The misunderstanding surfaced near the end of Will’s first monologue when he was being played off stage with music.

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— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) January 23, 2022

«I just wanted to take a moment to express how much this show has meant to me — it’s where I began my career.» As the song began, the MacGruber star said, «It’s always encouraged me.» Are you trying to throw me off during my own monologue? I’ve been waiting for this for 12 years! He joked, «Have you guys seen some of the clowns who have hosted this show?» before offering to take a question from one person — Lorne.

«OK, well, I’ll answer one question.» Sir, you!» He chose Lorne to point out to the crowd. «I’m very sorry, Will — there was an error!» With Willem by his side, Lorne, the creator of Saturday Night Live, explained. “Hey!” Will was greeted by a perplexed Willem, who was dressed in black shorts. «Wait…but Willem Dafoe?» Will then inquired. «You’re going to be the hostess next week!»

Lorne Michaels and Willem Dafoe popped up during Will Forte’s opening monologue.

«I’m very sure it’s this week!» says the narrator. Willem Dafoe, who recently starred in the new Spider-Man picture, expressed his thoughts. «You think I’d book someone named Will, then someone named Willem?» Lorne reasoned.

With his next emotional outburst, Forte appeared stressed: «Oh my god, this is not happening!» But, Lorne, you texted me to come host!» The show’s creator said it was a «autocorrect» problem, but he meant to text Willem.

Kristen Wiig appeared earlier in the monologue to support her pal Will Forte. «It’s all about me tonight!» he said as the former SNL cast member appeared behind him in a multi-colored lamé gown. «Well, I’m really looking forward to being here…

«I flew in for this!» she said to Will, implying that it was «not the best time.» «Well, back to North Korea,» she added, laughing. As she walked off the stage, she said, «It was incredibly difficult to get out.» «It irritates me that she received more applause than I did when I stepped out!» Will explain to the audience.

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