Fezco Beats Up Nate & Rue Rings In The New Year With Jules Fezco…


Fezco Beats Up Nate & Rue Rings In The New Year With Jules Fezco Beats Up Nate & Rue Rings In The New Year With Jules

Season 2 of ‘Euphoria’ premiered on New Year’s Eve. Cassie betrayed her best friend, Fezco had a terrible confrontation with Nate, Rue and Jules finally spoke, and Fezco had a brutal confrontation with Nate.

The second season of Euphoria opens with a glimpse inside Fezco’s upbringing. Fez’s grandma began looking after him after a disagreement with his father. He learned everything he knows about life from her, including how to deal with drugs. She never treated him like a child, instead of treating him as a business partner. Ashtray suddenly showed up at their house one day.

Fez’s grandma passed away at one time, and he was forced to take over the family business.

It was eventually only Fezco and Ashtray. He treated Ashtray as if he were a brother, and he would go to war for him.


Zendaya as Rue in ‘Euphoria’ season 2.

Fezco and Ashtray are on their way to handle some business in the current day, and Rue is accompanying them. Rue goes into the backseat with the girlfriend of one of the dealers, and Rue ends up leaking the news about Jules leaving her.

Rue tries to get Faye to put the heroin away, but she refuses. Fezco and Ashtray are suddenly dragged inside by men. The male commander instructs everyone to strip down to their underwear in case someone is wearing a wire. Rue refuses to get naked at first, so he drags her into the shower. She swears she’ll keep her mouth shut. In any case, he tells her to strip naked. Rue is later reintroduced to the kitchen.

Fezco informs the female ringleader that Mouse is no longer alive. Rue is his «family,» he says. When the woman asks if he trusts Rue, Fezco responds, «I trust Rue with my life.» Fezco is now a member of the team.

Nate & Cassie Hook Up

Lexi is looking for Cassie at the New Year’s Eve celebration. She got out of the car in the middle of the road after they got into a disagreement. Cassie was walking to a nearby convenience store when she ran into Nate. He offers to drive her to the party. At the party, they end up hooking up in the restroom. Maddy begins her search for Cassie by knocking on the bathroom door. Nate and Cassie continue to hook up, but Maddy refuses to go.

Cassie begins to cry when Nate places his palm over her mouth. Cassie sobs, «I’m extremely terrified, Nate.» He advises her to put her faith in him. While Nate opens the door, Cassie finds up lying down in the bathtub. Maddy refuses to leave and goes to the bathroom to relieve herself. Maddy uses a towel to wipe herself because there isn’t any toilet paper. She tosses the towel into the shower, which lands on Cassie.

Jacob elordi

Jacob Elordi as Nate in ‘Euphoria’ season 2.

Travis, who is played by Lil Meech, enters the restroom and asks Maddy if she would want to smoke. He inquires about the man who had just entered the bathroom. Nate is described by Maddy as «literally the worst person in the world.»

Rue Nearly Overdoses

Rue finds herself wondering throughout the party and eventually ends up back in Fez’s car. She notices the Altoid’s heroin-filled package. She accepts the blow and searches the house for an unoccupied room. She meets a young man named Elliot, who is played by Dominic Fike. Rue begins to believe she is going into cardiac collapse after taking a hit of cocaine with him. After snorting some Adderall, he remains with her until her breathing returns to normal. Elliot says, «I’m not convinced it’s a good thing we met.» Rue reveals that she had a fleeting thought that she was going to die.

Fezco flirts with Lexi on the couch in the meantime. Jules approaches them and inquires about Rue, but they have no idea where she is. Fezco and Lexi eventually get into a heated debate about whether or not they believe in God. Fezco does, but Lexi does not. She is the «coolest person» at the party, according to Fezco.

When McKay walks in, Nate is keeping a tight eye on the restroom door. Lexi is still attempting to contact Cassie. Travis and Maddy are still in the bathroom. Travis goes to see what’s up as Cassie’s phone starts buzzing in the bathroom. Cassie poses in the bathtub as if she’s passed out. Maddy claims she doesn’t care and goes away when Travis summons her. Cassie is safe for the time being. When Maddy walks by, Nate promises McKay that he’ll do everything he can to reclaim Maddy.

After the near-miss with Maddy in the restroom, McKay tries to talk to Cassie. Cassie is still reeling from the experience. Cassie informs McKay that she isn’t supposed to be anyone’s girlfriend right now. Cassie responds, «I’m not sure whether I’m a nice person,» prompting McKay to walk away. Later on, Nate begins to tease McKay about Cassie. McKay cautions him to come to a halt.

Hunter Schafer

Hunter Schafer as Jules in season 2.

Fezco Fights Nate

Jules approaches Rue by the fire and requests a conversation. She’d like to know when Rue had a relapse. «The night you left,» Rue admits after initially lying. Jules is deafeningly quiet. Fezco informs Lexi that speaking with her was «one of the nicest portions» of his year, and he requests her phone number. Fezco says, «I hope to see you soon, Lexi.» He dials Ashtray’s number and tells him to start the automobile. If Rue wants a ride, Ashtray instructs her to go to the car.

Rue gets up to leave, but she notices Jules crying as the time ticks down. Rue expresses regret to Jules. «I didn’t mean to be cruel,» Rue explains, explaining that she’s been going through a difficult time. They both acknowledge that they are missing each other. Rue says, «I want to be with you.» They kiss and share a kiss as they ring in the new year together.

Fezco begins the new year by slamming a bottle of Tito’s on Nate’s head and then punching him in the face. It’s a complete shambles. Nate’s entire face is smeared in blood. As Maddy, McKay, Cassie, and others grab an unconscious Nate, Fezco finally stops beating him up and looks at Lexi. «Damn,» Rue exclaims as he sees the whole thing unfold.

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