‘Sister Wives’: Christine Admits She Doesn’t Want A ‘Loveless Marriage’ Like…


Christine Admits She Doesn’t Want A ‘Loveless Marriage’ Like Kody & Meri’s on ‘Sister Wives.’

In the Jan. 30 episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ Kody and Meri Brown’s relationship is scrutinized, and Christine makes it obvious that she wants out before her situation with Kody becomes like Meri’s.

Sister Wives premiered the first of three episodes featuring one-on-one interviews with Kody Brown and his four wives on January 30. This week’s episode largely focused on Kody’s rigorous COVID-19 policies and how they affected the family.

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown were the ones who objected the most to Kody’s regulations, and Christine explained why. She explained, «It’s not realistic.» «It’s just not possible.» ‘I may be the only one who travels from house to house,’ Kody said during our Zoom session together. I can’t because I have kids all over the place. I’m not going to be able to stay at home.»

Christine argued that she and her family obeyed the CDC guidelines in place, but that Kody’s requirements were excessive. Meanwhile, Kody acknowledged that his limits may have gone too far. «In hindsight, I might have been able to be more lenient,» he admitted. «However, every time I dealt with it, I became more adamant in my commitment.» Even if we were separated, my only purpose was to keep everyone alive.»

kody christine borwn

Kody and Christine Brown together.

Meri Brown and Kody’s rocky relationship was also a heated topic. After Meri’s catfishing controversy in 2015, the couple’s relationship had taken a turn for the worst. Meri had met a man through social media and had been texting him for months. She didn’t figure out she was texting a woman on the other end of the telephone until six months later.

Kody insisted, «When Meri had an affair, she was leaving my a**.» «‘I’m done with this, I’m done with you,’ she says. She made it apparent to everyone that she was leaving and that she had had enough of us. But she is unable to confess it at this time.»

Meri stated that she would not leave Kody because he and the other spouses were her families, despite the fact that their relationship was little more than a friendship at this point. She said they hadn’t been physical in «almost a decade,» and Kody said he’d never be intimate with Meri again. He explained, «I’m never going to go through the emotional anguish again.»

«It’s just not a good fit.» Things would have been a lot different a long time ago if we weren’t in multiple marriages or felt religiously obligated to stay together. We’ll strive to maintain the greatest possible relationship. I’m not telling her to go down the road and kick rocks. I’m telling her that she should consider herself a member of the family.»‘

kody meri brown

Kody and Meri Brown on Sister Wives.

Christine began to notice that her relationship was heading in the same direction after seeing how things had progressed throughout the years between Kody and Meri. Kody told her on this season of the show that he no longer wanted an intimate marriage with her, prompting her to remove his belongings from her home.

«When I think about [Meri and Kody’s] marriage, my heart hurts, and I don’t want that,» Christine argued. «I don’t want to be stuck in a loveless relationship.» That is not how I intend to live my life. I’m not going to live that way if that’s what my future holds.»

Christine fulfilled her word and left Kody in the fall of 2021, a plot point that has yet to be explored on the show.