As he prepares to compete in his fifth Winter Olympics, Nina Dobrev is ‘in…


As he prepares to compete in his fifth Winter Olympics, Nina Dobrev is ‘in awe of her boyfriend Shaun White.

According to a source, Nina Dobrev ‘couldn’t be more pleased’ of Olympic lover Shaun White and plans to ‘cheer him on’ from home during the Beijing Games.

Nina Dobrev, 33, has a personal stake in the Winter Olympics this year. Shaun White, 35, her partner, is hoping to add to his three gold medals in snowboarding events. Due to COVID constraints, Nina will not be attending the Beijing Games, but a source close to the Vampire Diaries star EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that she will proudly watch and cheer from home.

«Shaun had already done so much in his life when Nina initially started dating him. «She loves Shaun with all of her heart, but she would never stop him from pursuing his goal,» the person added. «Nina is awestruck by Shaun’s brilliance and couldn’t be more proud of him.»

Nina Dobrev & Shaun White

Nina Dobrev & Shaun White

«The idea that he’s made it to the Olympics five times is simply mind-blowing to her,» the person continued. Nina and Shaun have been there for one other in recent years, and Nina intends to continue to do so as Shaun competes in Beijing.»

Our insider claimed that while Nina «would have wanted» to go to Beijing to support her Olympic lover, she «didn’t believe it was a smart idea» because of the current pandemic. The actress, who was born in Bulgaria, also «has work obligations» that need her to remain in the United States.

«Nina also realizes that Shaun has a lot on his plate with press, appearances, training, and so on. «She’ll play it safe and cheer him on from the sidelines in the United States,» the person revealed. «She can’t wait to see him stomp on it,» she says. Nina’s representative was contacted by HL, but no response was received.

Nina Dobrev & Shaun White

Nina Dobrev & Shaun White

During the initial COVID-19 quarantine in 2020, Nina and Shaun began dating. Nina «wants to let what happens happen» in her relationship with Shaun, a source told HL at the time.

The couple has shamelessly flaunted their lovely affection on beach getaways and other occasions since then. Nina has even learned to snowboard, and we’re guessing Shaun was her instructor.

Shaun is one of the most well-known athletes competing in the Winter Olympics in 2022. At the age of 19, he earned his first gold medal at the 2006 Torino Olympics. At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, he won two more gold medals. Shaun is set to compete in his final Olympics, so let’s hope he wins!