Joy Behar criticizes Sarah Palin for going about New York City without being…


Joy Behar criticizes Sarah Palin for going about New York City without being immunized.

The comedian sent out a message to anyone who could encounter the former Alaska governor at the end of the week’s episode of ‘The View.’

Put on your mask! Joy Behar, 79, issued a caution to New Yorkers who might run into Sarah Palin, 57, who has been spotted in a few hot areas in the city since testing positive for COVID-19.

On Friday, January 28 episode of the talk program, the comic mocked the unvaccinated politician while wishing viewers a pleasant weekend. «Take a few minutes to watch The View, and if you see Sarah Palin, you should be checked,» she advised.

Joy could be heard chuckling as the show’s credits music played, implying that people in the Empire State might run across the former Alaska governor, who is in New York for a defamation trial against The New York Times, which has been postponed owing to her positive test.

«That’s all I have to say on the subject.» As the show came to a close, Joy joked, «She’s around in New York City, at least.»

Joy advised anyone who runs into the former governor to get tested for COVID.

Sarah was said to have tested positive for COVID on Tuesday, January 25, and she was seen eating outside at the Italian restaurant Elios the same day. On Saturday, she had dined inside the establishment without producing a vaccination card.

On Tuesday, the defeated vice presidential candidate dined at another eatery, Campagnola. A rep for Elios told HollywoodLife, «She showed there to apologize [on Wednesday, after her positive test] and was not permitted to walk inside.» «We made a mistake by allowing her to dine, and we accept full responsibility.»

Sarah’s return to the restaurant had served as a springboard for The View to discuss quarantine periods and immunization card checks. During that conversation, Joy had also thrown some shade at the politician. «She’s an affluent, arrogant, entitled individual.» As a result, she believes she can do whatever she wants,» she explained. «The punishment is that Sarah Palin is back in the spotlight, desperate for attention. «Well, here it is!» says the narrator.

Sarah returned to Elios after testing positive to apologize

Sarah wasn’t the only View host that slammed her. Meghan McCain, whose father, Senator John McCain, ran for president in 2008 with Sarah as his running mate, chastised her for eating indoors while immunized. «Is she insane?»

Is it already the second day? I haven’t seen or spoken to her in years, save for a few brief letters when my father died, so I have no idea what she’s thinking, but this is really irresponsible,» she told DailyMail. «This was egotistical, rash, and stupid.» «Just because something isn’t against the law doesn’t mean it isn’t unethical.»