We ‘Make Sense’ As A Couple: Kanye West’s Romance Isn’t A PR Stunt


The actress from ‘Uncut Gems’ debunked accusations that her recent romance with Kanye West is only for show!

Julia Fox, 31, is disputing claims that she’s only been dating Kanye West, 44, for the media attention! In a new episode of her podcast Forbidden Fruits, titled «Behind the Scenes with Julia Fox,» the actress discussed her relationship with Yeezy (as well as her relationship with her ex-husband and daughter’s father Peter Artemiev).

The model, who has been romantically linked to Kanye since the start of 2022, pushed back against those who believe Ye and Julia’s relationship is a publicity hoax. Various people’s theories seemed to amuse her. «There are always those who believe that every celebrity scandal is a set-up. Near the end of the episode, she said, «I personally don’t.»

She added earlier that she’d seen some people theorizing about her 2019 Paper magazine photoshoot with Kanye’s ex Kim Kardashian’s current lover Pete Davidson, and that she’d heard some people theorizing about it. «It’s amusing to see where people’s conspiracy theories take them,» she remarked.

Julia and Kanye have been super close since meeting on New Year’s Eve.

She previously stated that the relationship shouldn’t come as a surprise because she, Kanye, Kim, and Pete «we’re all connected even prior,» but she also stated that she understood why she may surprise some people. «I’m not the first person who comes to mind.»

«Perhaps because I came out of nowhere,» she explained. While some fans may not have predicted Julia as Kanye’s next girlfriend following his divorce from Kim, she stated that her pals believe they are a wonderful match. «Every single person we have in common—like, friends in common—has texted me and said, ‘Oh my gosh, this makes so much sense,'» she explained.

Julia gushed about how well she and Kanye have clicked, and she said he’s even shown her some of the new songs he’s been working on, aside from the media attention her relationship has received. «It’s just that people make each other happy.»

There’s a strong link between Gemini and Aquarius. It’s incredibly motivating. Both of our minds function at a breakneck speed. «We maintain in touch, which is really nice,» she remarked. «He’s a f**king genius, and it’s a pleasure to be in his presence and witness history.»

Kanye and Julia have gone on a number of romantic dates since they first met at the start of 2022.

Julia revealed in an article she wrote for Interview that she met Kanye on New Year’s Eve in Miami and that the two hit it off. Throughout the story, she gushed about the rapper. «It was a one-of-a-kind connection.» She added, «His energy is so much fun to be around.»

«All night long, he had me and my companions laughing, dancing, and smiling.» Julia and Kanye have been photographed on a number of romantic evenings together since the beginning of the year, including dinner dates and nights at the theatre.

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