Novak Djokovic’s visa has been revoked for the second time by Australia

Australia Cancels Novak Djokovic’s Visa For 2nd Time

After his visa was revoked on January 6th after arriving in Australia – where he hopes to defend his title at the Australian Open next week – he was detained at an immigration facility, and while that was overturned by a judge on Monday (10.01.22), it has now been taken away again on «health and good order» grounds.

As a result, Djokovic, who has not been vaccinated, may now face deportation from the nation, though he can appeal the decision.

«Today I exercised my right… to cancel Mr Novak Djokovic’s visa on health and good order grounds, on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so,» Australia’s Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said in a statement.

Djokovic’s visa was initially revoked after he «failed to provide necessary proof» in order to obtain a vaccine exemption.

It was eventually revealed that he had tested positive for COVID last month, and the actor admitted to breaking his seclusion while COVID positive during a media interview earlier this week.

Djokovic said that he «didn’t want to let the journalist down,» but he later conceded that he made a «mistake of judgment.»

In addition, the world number one men’s tennis player claimed that he checked a box on his travel declaration form saying he had not visited any other countries in the 14 days leading up to his journey to Australia.

Since then, the singer has claimed that his agent accidentally checked the «no» box, blaming it on «human error.»

«On the subject of my travel declaration, it was submitted on my behalf by my support team – as I told immigration officials upon my arrival – and my agent genuinely apologises for the administrative error in marking the erroneous box concerning my previous travel before coming to Australia,» he continued.

«This was a mistake made by a human, not on purpose.» We are living in difficult circumstances, with a global pandemic, and mistakes do happen.

«Today, my team supplied the Australian Government with further material to explain this problem.»

«While I believe it is necessary to address and correct misconceptions, I will refrain from making any additional comments out of the utmost respect for the Australian Government and its authorities, as well as the current process.»

«Playing in the Australian Open is always an honor and a privilege.» Players, fans, and the community adore the Australian Open, not just in Victoria and Australia, but all around the world, and all I want to do is compete against the top players in the world and perform in front of one of the best crowds in the world.»

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