Kate Bosworth, 39, Channels the Iconic Film «Blue Crush» in a Bikini 20…


Kate Bosworth, 39, Channels the Iconic Film «Blue Crush» in a Bikini 20 Years Later.

Kate Bosworth illustrated what life was like at 39 by hitting the beach in a bikini that was bluer than the ocean waters two weeks after her birthday.

Kate Bosworth accompanied photographs she posted on Instagram on Jan. 17 with the comment «This is 39,» approximately two weeks after the Superman Returns star celebrated her 39th birthday. Kate reflected on her last year in her thirties — by releasing photos that reveal she’s truly ageless – proving that it’s never too late to enjoy your big day.

Kate wore an aquamarine bikini that showed off her tight and toned form, as though she stepped out of the 2002 surfing hit, Blue Crush. In the second of two images, Kate sat atop a horse on the beach, flashing the photographer a wide smile.

In the comments area, Naomi Watts wrote, «Happy Birthday Kate!!» and many more jumped in with well-wishes and love. Malcolm Carfrae, the founder of Carfrae Consulting, a global lifestyle brand marketing firm, said, «You never change.»

«Happy Birthday, gorgeous Goddess!» commented Catt Sadler. «Happiest Birthday, Beauty!» Sophia Bush said. «Wishing Kate a very happy birthday!» Susan Foster said, «Gorgeous as always!» Laura Bailey posted, «love & wishes beauty.»

It’s been twenty years since the release of Blue Crush, and the film continues to have an impact. «Everyone, especially young females, come up to me and say, ‘You encouraged me to achieve this!'» All of you are my heroes!’ «It’s really fantastic,» Kate stated during a 2020 reunion with costars Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake about the film.


«Of course,» Sanoe responded when asked if the three would return for a sequel. «Without a doubt.» I’d absolutely do it, man. I adore you two, and I adore Hawaii. «You don’t need to ask me twice,» Michelle added. «I’m going to risk my life once more.» «I don’t mind, for a sequel,» Kate quipped, referring to the fact that Sanoe was the only one of the three of them who had true professional surfing experience at the time they shot the movie.

Kate is beginning her 39th year with a clean slate. After a decade of marriage, she and Michael Polish announced their separation in August 2021. «In the process of letting go, we’ve realized that our love will never fade away.»

The link does not simply fade away. In their post announcing their split, Kate and Michael remarked, «The love deepens, the heart expands.» «To experience love like this, and to continue to wonder at the beauty of love’s progression, has been our greatest privilege.» What happens when we get to the conclusion of something only to learn we’re only getting started?»

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