Jennifer Garner tells a hilarious story about her first kiss: ‘He Broke Up With…


Jennifer Garner tells a hilarious story about her first kiss: ‘He Broke Up With Me The Next Day.’

Jennifer Garner, 49, opened up about her hilariously uncomfortable first kiss, saying that even though the lucky guy ‘broke up with me the next day,’ it’s still a ‘medal’ she proudly wears.

Jennifer Garner, 49, appears to be a kiss-and-tell kind of girl…if it’s for laughs. Jen said her first kiss didn’t exactly stick around to see it through at a party at Harvard University, where she was honored by well-known Harvard theatre outfit Hasty Pudding Theatricals as their ‘Woman of the Year.’

Jen said with a laugh that «he broke up with me the next day» after the kiss. Jen, on the other hand, said she’s not ashamed by the turn of events, calling them a «badge I’ve worn proudly ever since.»

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Jennifer Garner opened up about her hilarious first kiss story, and shared it’s a “badge” she wears “proudly.”

Jen revealed the unpleasant story after Hasty Pudding Theatrical poked fun at her by asking her to answer awkward and foolish questions as a homage to her film Yes Day. Jen had no qualms about engaging in the fun, proudly answering a question about her first kiss and even mentioning her suitor by name. Jen revealed, «It was a guy named Matt Crittenden.»

I swatted away his attempt to go deeper than a kiss. He dumped me the next day because he called me a prude, which I’ve proudly worn as a badge of honor ever since.»

Jen was honored with a procession in Harvard Square, where she posed happily with groups of children and did the can-can with a group of Hasty Pudding members in drag, in addition to recalling her love life and receiving a gold medal. She also had lunch with students at Harvest in Harvard Square, where she was «very kind» and «made sure to stop and say goodbye to employees on the way out,» according to the general manager.

Is there anything Jen wishes she could change about her wedding day? Violet, 16, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9, whom she shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck, are not accompanying her. Jen, on the other hand, indicated that part of their absence stems from the fact that they’re «very much kids who go to school.»

Violet had a full day of school followed by a debate tournament on the day of the event, according to Jen. «Now I’m wishing she was here!» Jen bemoaned. «In that way, I’m a bit of a geeky mom.» Jen’s distinction as «Woman of the Year» is well-deserved, no matter how many «geek» moments she encounters, from first kisses to motherhood.