‘He Left Her No Choice,’ Kim Kardashian says after clapping back at Kanye…


‘He Left Her No Choice,’ Kim Kardashian says after clapping back at Kanye on Instagram.

The beauty entrepreneur is «done with Kanye’s pranks» and is prepared to «protect herself and her children» in whatever way she can throughout the couple’s tumultuous divorce.

Kim Kardashian is ready to move on from her ex-husband Kanye West’s «antics.» After the 41-year-old makeup entrepreneur retaliated in epic fashion against the rapper’s public attacks on her, declaring that he is «creating anguish» for their entire family, questions lingered about what led Kim to that point.

According to a person close to the situation, the mother of four has had enough of Kanye’s dramatic «stunts.»

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is ready to put her estranged husband Kanye West’s “antics” behind her.

«Kim is fed up with Kanye’s shenanigans and feels compelled to speak out publicly once and for all,» the source revealed. «Kim has tried to stay on the high road the entire time, but Kanye has forced her to defend herself and her children in public.»

According to the insider, Kim was compelled to pursue this path despite not wanting to. She feels «sorry» about the circumstance. «Kim will not allow Kanye to continue to push her boundaries.» He’s never had any need to be so bitter about anything, and he has to go on with his life and stop dragging their children into it.»

Regarding Kim’s next moves in defending herself and her four children with Kanye — North, 8, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 2 — a different source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that «legal action» could be taken. «Kim’s family is advising her to keep quiet,» the person claimed.

«Kanye is making false charges that are incredibly harmful, and her lawyers will have to take legal action to protect her, the children, and her brand if he does not stop.» Kim is «not happy» with the situation, according to the source. «This is why she filed for divorce in the first place, because of Kanye’s behavior.»

The news comes after Kanye took to Instagram to retaliate against Kim after she released a statement on Feb. 4 claiming to be the «primary provider and caregiver» for the couple’s four children. In his brief tirade, Kanye accused Kim of «kidnapping» their daughter on her birthday by failing to provide him with the party’s address. «You placed security on me inside my house while I was playing with my son and then accused me of stealing,» he continued. «You accused me of being on drugs, so I had to undergo a drug test after Chicago’s party.»

Since Kim filed for divorce from him in 2021, Kanye has been quite public about his grievances with her. Kim requested that she and Kanye be declared «legally single» by a judge a few months later as they worked out the details of their divorce. Kim has been linked to SNL comedian Pete Davidson since then, while Kanye has been seen out on outings with model Julia Fox.

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