Everything You Need to Know About Enrique Iglesias’ Three Children With…


Everything You Need to Know About Enrique Iglesias’ Three Children With Anna Kournikova

Here’s everything you need to know about Lucy, Nicholas, Mary, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova’s children.

Enrique Iglesias is not just a well-known singer but also a father of three children. Anna Kournikova, a tennis player, is the mother of his three children. In 2001, they met while filming his music video for «Escape.»

They didn’t have to fake the chemistry because she played his love interest. He told People, «She’s gorgeous, talented, and a brilliant tennis player.» «To kiss Anna and try to make it believable doesn’t take a skilled actor.»

Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias on the red carpet.

While the couple purportedly split up in 2013, they quickly rekindled their romance and have been together ever since. Despite the fact that they have been together for nearly two decades, the couple has no plans to marry. Instead, they’re concentrating on raising their three amazing children. Everything you need to know about their three children is right here.

Lucy Iglesias

One of Enrique and Anna’s twins is Lucy Iglesias. The four-year-old and her brother, who was born on December 16, 2017, are the couple’s oldest children. Their first-born daughter appears to be following in her father’s footsteps, as she is quite the performer.

When she was two years old, the «Bailando» singer shared an adorable video of herself dancing to the famous nursery classic «The Wheels On The Bus.» He also tweeted a photo of her in the pool with him using floaties, indicating that she is a strong swimmer.

Anna, her mother, is also a big fan of spoiling her. Every year on their birthdays, she posts a collage of photos of her children. Lucy wore a blue floral outfit and sat on a colourful table staring directly at her mama for her 3rd birthday photo.

Her personality shone through even more in her 4th birthday photos. She showed off her daring side in the first photo, climbing on a jungle gym while wearing a bright tutu and tie-dye shirt. In the second photo, she is seen hosting a tea party while wearing a frock with tiger faces on it.

Nicholas Iglesias

Nicholas Iglesias, Lucy’s twin brother, was born on December 16, 2017. Nicholas may pursue a profession in show business in the future. When Enrique was about two years old, he released an adorable video of himself sitting in a boat singing his heart out.

While it’s too early to know whether he inherited his father’s pipes, the potential is undeniable. Nicholas, with his blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, bears a striking resemblance to Enrique’s mother. «I suppose he’s got my DNA,» he joked as he published a photo of himself and his son, which he dubbed my Russian meatball.

Anna has also happily posted birthday images of her mini-me. She shared a photo of him beaming at the camera while wearing a backwards cap and a polo top for his 3rd birthday. In the next year, he rocked an impish smile in the first photo, wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt, and a business casual style in the second photo, sitting in a beanbag chair.

Mary Iglesias

Mary Iglesias, also known as Masha by her parents, is the family’s youngest child. Her parents’ little bundle of joy, the almost-2-year-old, was born on January 30, 2020. While it might be difficult for a family to adjust to a new baby, particularly when there are two other little children at home, Enrique said his family embraced her with open arms.

He told People at the time, «They truly enjoy it.» «Because there’s a two-year gap, I was a little worried.» ‘How are they going to react?’ I wondered. My house is also a zoo because I have two dogs. «Oh, how is everyone going to react?» I wondered when we first arrived home with Masha.

Her hopes for her youngest child are great, according to the retired tennis player. Anna put her in a cute white polo shirt and a skirt with a crotched hem that looked like a tennis suit. «Wimbledon, here I come,» she captioned the photo, hoping Mary will one day share her passion for tennis.

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