Foy Vance Recalls Meeting Anderson East For The First Time, Which Led To…


Foy Vance Recalls Meeting Anderson East For The First Time, Which Led To Their Duet «Sapling»

On his re-imagined song, singer-songwriter Foy Vance recounts how he previously believed «nothing could complete me,» and he tells HL EXCLUSIVELY how pal Anderson East ended up joining him.

On the new version of Foy Vance’s «Sampling,» doubt and commitment waltz back and forth. The song, which was originally recorded for Foy’s 2021 album Signs of Life, discusses the singer-battle songwriter’s addictions while promising to do better for his lover.

On the chorus, he asks, «If I woke up in the morning to find you were gone / I know I’d strive to find the will to be strong / But am I strong enough?» The song has already struck a chord with those who have fallen in love with his songwriting talent, but with the addition of Anderson East, the re-imagined version shines even brighter.

East’s vocals appear to be the missing piece of the puzzle that no one noticed was missing. But how did Anderson, an Alabama musician, end up on a Foy Vance song in Ireland?

«I first met Anderson at a festival in Canada, and within moments of meeting him, I had hired him and the people he was performing with to join me for my show,» Foy tells HollywoodLife. When the possibility for a duet on «Sapling» arose, I could only think of one person who fits the bill. And when I couldn’t find them, I turned to Anderson [laughs].»

Sapling (feat. Anderson East)

The song has been reimagined ahead of Foy’s North American tour. His Signs of Life Tour 2022 gets off with back-to-back shows in Woodstock, New York, before proceeding to Philadelphia, Alexandria, Webster Hall in New York City, Boston, and other cities.

After a quick stop in Toronto, he’ll fly south before performing at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles on May 31. (For further information, click here.) The tour will feature Lee Rogers and Gareth Dunlop, who worked with Foy as a producer on Signs of Life.

Sapling (feat. Anderson East)

Foy originally appeared on the scene in the mid-2000s and has since amassed a sizable fan base, with Ed Sheeran among his most ardent supporters. In 2015, Ed signed Foy to his Gingerbread Man Records label, and Vance released The Wild Swan, his third studio album, the following year. It’s been a lovely friendship, with Foy releasing albums on Ed’s label, including From Muscle Shoals To Memphis and Signs Of Life.

Foy Vance also launched The Vinyl Supper, a podcast series in which he talks about music, food, and life with his pals, last year. Courteney Cox, Benny Blanco, Keith Urban, Josh Groban, and – surprise, surprise – Anderson East were among the previous guests.

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