‘Euphoria’ Cal Admits His Truth, and Cassie Untangles Maddy and Nate


On the January 30 episode of ‘Euphoria,’ Cal revealed his secrets to his family, while Cassie lost it (and then some), and Elliot revealed the truth about Rue.

Rue’s relapse is becoming increasingly difficult to conceal. She compares her feelings for Jules to those for Ghost, Titanic, Brokeback Mountain, and Yoko Ono and John Lennon in films like Ghost, Titanic, and Brokeback Mountain. Rue can’t feel a thing because she’s on so many pills, so Jules goes down on her. She imitates orgasm. Rue knows Jules knows she lied, but she attempts to pretend as if she didn’t.

Jules tells Elliot about Rue’s disappearance. Elliot tries to show her the «proper way» by recreating Rue faking her orgasm. They end up making out passionately. A text from… Rue brings them to a halt.


Jacob Elordi and Alexa Demie on ‘Euphoria.’

Cassie and Nate Have a Feud Over Maddy

Maddy has a birthday celebration, and Cassie has even written a book on their friendship. Cassie is increasingly ashamed of her hidden connection, yet she continues to see Nate. When Nate comes to see Maddy at her babysitting job, they have a heart-to-heart. She tells him that he has «ruined» her for the rest of her life. «Did you realize how much I adore you?» Maddy inquires. «Did I make you feel loved?» «I’m not sure,» Nate says. Nate, on the other hand, has no concept of love.

Cassie and Nate get into an argument about Maddy. She would not have hooked up with Nate if she had known they were going to get back together. Nate snaps that she wouldn’t have screwed her best friend’s guy if she was a good person. Cassie, overcome with emotion, adds, «I can’t do this.» Nate tries to persuade her not to end things by telling her that it’s all about «getting what you want.»

Cassie claims she has no problem being with Nate, but she will do everything she can to prevent Maddy from reuniting with him. Cassie says to Nate and Maddy, «You two shouldn’t be together, you’re toxic.» Cassie loses it when Nate refers to her as «Maddy» instead of «Cassie.» Nate should be «scared» of her, she says, because she’s even «crazier» than Maddy. Cassie is unaffected as he screams at her. “Okay. «Bye,» Cassie says flatly as she walks away. He attempts to stop her, even telling her that he loves her, but she continues to walk away.

Cal’s wounds are completely bandaged up from his fight with Ashtray. He becomes inebriated and decides to take a drive. He gets in his old Jeep and drives recklessly down the road until he finds himself at the tavern he and his closest friend Derek used to frequent decades ago.

Cassie has a meltdown in front of Maddy and Nate.

While Rue is in the restroom, Jules and Elliot make out. Rue leaves him some medications, but he doesn’t take them. Jules proposes a game of truth or dare, challenging Elliot to lick her tummy. If Rue wasn’t high, she’d know what was going on between Jules and Elliot. With Rue in the backseat, Elliot and Jules end up stealing some alcohol.


Zendaya as Rue.

After Elliot warns Rue not to drink while on drugs, Jules discovers Rue drinking. She requests to be carried home as Jules and Elliot approach her. «Because I can’t f**king stand you,» Rue says when Jules keeps asking why. Jules is devastated. Rue requests to exit the vehicle on the side of the road. She takes more drugs as she walks home.

Kat reveals to Maddy that she «can’t f**king stand» Ethan at Maddy’s birthday party. Maddy gives her some encouragement, telling her that there’s a difference between what she should desire and what she actually wants.

Meanwhile, Cassie is concerned about Nate’s visit. When he arrives, he requests Maddy. He adorns her with a Tiffany necklace. Cassie keeps drinking and eventually puts on a barely-there swimming suit to attract Nate’s attention. As she proceeds down the steps, he gives her a direct stare. At its best, chaotic energy.

Cal drives to the tavern where he and Derek used to hang out when they were teenagers. He reflects on the past and fantasizes about dancing with Derek once more. When he tries to wrestle one of the patrons, he gets tossed out of the bar.

Cassie’s fall continues at Maddy’s birthday celebration. Cassie looks longingly at Nate as he hangs out at the party. Cassie joins Nate and the girls in the hot tub. When she tells Nate and Maddy that she’s glad they’re back together, she sets off a surprising chain of events. Nate echoes Maddy’s claim that they aren’t. Nate’s announcement that they aren’t getting back together enrages Maddy. Cassie vomits on everyone in the hot tub after Maddy goes off on Nate. As she cries, her mother had to pull her out.

Cal decides to leave his family

Jules returns to Elliot’s residence. Elliot stops her from having sex in order to avoid talking about what happened with Rue. Rue isn’t sober, and she hasn’t been since he met her, he informs Jules. He expresses regret to Jules. Elliot explains, «I just didn’t want to keep lying to you.»

Rue imagines herself in a church while high, hugging her father in the midst of her room. She expresses her regret for disappointing him. Rue tells her father, «I’m not a good person.» Her father emphasizes that he is «always» by her side.

Cal walks into the house and pees on the floor. Marsha appears and instructs him to hide his penis. Cal tells Marsha, «I suppose I’m lonely.» Cal goes on a tirade as Aaron and Nate emerge from their chambers. He tells his children that he had his first sexual experience with a man while Marsha was pregnant with their first child. He claims that his children are hypocrites. Cal admits to leading a double life, but that isn’t his greatest regret. Marsha is his biggest regret, he says, pointing at her.

He walks down the stairs with the family portrait, which includes their three children. He tells Aaron that he is aware of the porn on his computer and that he should not pass judgment on him. «Your entire f**king life is a mystery,» Cal tells Nate when they meet. Cal has no idea who Nate is after all these years. Cal exits the building. No one even attempts to persuade him not to go, and even if they did, he would refuse to stay.