In the ‘Space Case’ video, Move Like Creatures capture the ‘Struggles…


In the ‘Space Case’ video, Move Like Creatures capture the ‘Struggles & Experiences Of Being Human.’

You’re a ‘Space Case,’ as those rockers Move Like Creatures sing about in their new music video, when you’re preparing an escape from your’ existential crisis.’

At the start of «Space Case,» Move Like Creatures finds themselves «trapped on repeat in another tune / always in between what I want and what I need.» The band — frontwoman Nancy Bombard, drummer Melissa Koziel, bassist Brian Bello, and guitarist Ryan Reynolds — reconnects with nature in their video, which premieres here on HollywoodLife — while seeking to find themselves after becoming lost in their own minds.

Nancy sings from a person lightyears distant – mentally – from the earth in «Space Case,» which has a dreamy vibe like a cosmic nebula far out into the space. «Space Case» is a dramatic, emotive dedication to those battling with mental health concerns, letting them know that no one is trapped in space forever. It begins with a blast as powerful as a rocket.

The title tune for the band’s upcoming debut EP, «Space Case,» will be released on March 23. The band tells HollywoodLife that «The Space Case EP portrays the hardships and experiences of being human.» «With a few jotted ideas and a handful of unfinished songs, we began to develop our dream a year ago.

This EP is an example of how producing and cooperating with others may help you face life’s uncertainties. We jumped right into this initiative during the pandemic because we wanted to be a part of spreading the word that you aren’t alone and that good times are ahead, and that anything is still possible.»

Kim Newmoney

Move Like Creatures will take one small step as a band, but one gigantic step for this exciting new band with the Space Case EP, which can be pre-ordered here.

The title track and «Mind Reader,» a song about those who have ever heard callous calls to «toughen up» when dealing with internal anguish («They’re always asking if I’m fine / They want to fix me all the time / Oh they said you just have to stick it out in time you’ll get better»), will be included on the five-track project.

The new tunes «Ghost Me,» «All Hung Up,» and «Pick Up What I Put Down» are sure to captivate fans.

Kim Newmoney

Space Case

Move Like Creatures are primed to be the next blazing stars on the alt-rock scene, with songs brimming with energy, a beat throbbing stronger than the heart of the cosmos, and personal lyrics that hit hard like an asteroid. If you can believe it, the band is pretty new. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the four met through a Craiglist ad, of all places.

Nancy was the one who put out the call for like-minded artists, and luck smiled on her when Melisa, Brian, and Ryan showed up in her living room. Move Like Creatures was born soon after, like a new sun. When Space Case arrives next month, we’ll all bask in the glow.

Move Like Creatures, Space Case:

01. Ghost Me
02. Mind Reader
03. All Hung Up
04. Pick Up What I Put Down
05. Space Case