After Patrick Mahomes’ Big Win, Brittany Matthews Fires Back At Critics Of…


After Patrick Mahomes’ Big Win, Brittany Matthews Fires Back At Critics Of Her Champagne Celebration.

After receiving backlash for how she celebrated her fiancé Patrick Mahomes’ NFL playoff victory, Brittany Mathews complained about how she’s wary of being ‘attacked’ all the time.

After the Kansas City Chiefs’ thrilling playoff triumph against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, sports fans were quick to criticize Brittany Matthews’ celebration. Brittany, 26, broke open a bottle of champagne and sprayed it in the cheering crowd at Arrowhead Stadium after witnessing her fiancé Patrick Mahomes, 26, lead the Chiefs to an overtime victory.

Certain fans complained that some fans didn’t want to be showered in alcohol, and Brittany responded on Monday (Jan. 24). She wrote, «I just wish I could do what I want without being insulted every week.»

I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week.

— Brittany Matthews (@brittanylynne8) January 25, 2022

«People complaining about Brittany pouring champagne into the stands have clearly never won anything before,» one fan remarked before Brittany voiced her displeasure. «Just a thought.» Brittany then quoted it («Accurate») before quoting someone who remarked that anyone complaining about being covered in alcohol has never «been to Arrowhead.» «It’s also accurate,» Matthews remarked.

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Brittany posted a video of herself bursting the cork on Instagram, which was welcomed with anger and venom. «You should probably delete this video.» «There’s nothing fun about spraying champagne on people who aren’t even aware it’s coming, especially when it’s chilly,» one user tweeted. «I understand the want to rejoice about the victory.

«However, this is totally inconsiderate to the fans who may not drink, have little children with them, or are past alcoholics,» another added. Brittany was surrounded by supporters. «It didn’t matter how frigid it was; we didn’t notice!» «GO CHIEFS!!!»

«You got it, girl!» It’s time to party! This was a fantastic game! I can’t tolerate how much [Brittany] is hated.» However, there was a lot of backlash over a simple behavior that occurs frequently after a great win — especially because the Chiefs-Bills game was dubbed «The Real Super Bowl.»

The Kansas City Chiefs will face the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Conference Championship on Sunday, Jan. 30. While many expect the Bengals to win and earn a spot in Super Bowl LVI, the Chiefs could win and give Brittany another cause to pop the cork and spray champagne.

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