Bradley Cooper was frightened by the nude scenes in Nightmare Alley

Bradley Cooper Found Nightmare Alley Nude Scenes Daunting

Filming full-frontal nude sequences in ‘Nightmare Alley’ was «quite hefty,» according to Bradley Cooper.

The 47-year-old actor, who plays an ambitious carnival worker in Guillermo del Toro’s film, detailed how he had to remove his costume on camera in an intimate encounter with Toni Collette’s character in a bathtub.

«I remember reading in the screenplay and thought, he’s a pickled punk in the bathtub and it’s to narrative,» Bradley told ‘The Business.’ You’ve got to do it.

«I can vividly remember that day since it was Toni Collette’s first day, and I was naked in front of the crew for six hours.» ‘Whoa,’ I thought to myself. It was quite hefty.»

Bradley had no qualms about filming the movie in his underwear since he felt it was «required» to make the endeavor a success.

«The content of what the movie is, what we were investigating, in order to do it in a real way, it needed that we be naked emotionally and soulfully,» the ‘A Star Is Born’ star remarked.

Bradley also discussed how he went about digging deep to provide the greatest performance he could in the film.

«It’s like putting on a miner’s suit, hat, and flashlight, looking at each other, and then walking down into the tunnel, knowing that you might be excavating a route that won’t get you to the finish that day, but you come back up and go down the next day,» he said.

The ‘Hangover’ star previously stated that filming the film during the coronavirus outbreak was an «interesting experience.»

«We’ve been making ‘Nightmare Alley’ for the last two and a half years,» Bradley stated last year.

«Going through the epidemic, having a six-month break, and reliving it was a once-in-a-lifetime event.» It was not only a friendship that would last a lifetime, but it was also an aesthetic experience.»

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