Usher Shares The Song That Played When His Son Sire, 1, Was Born…


Usher Shares The Song That Played When His Son Sire, 1, Was Born: «I Was Prepared»

Usher proudly shared with Ellen Degeneres the humorous music that was playing in the room when his son Sire, 1, was born, and said, «I was prepared.»

What better way to commemorate a (figurative) birthday than with some 50 Cent? Nothing could be more traditional for Usher, who made sure to bring out all the breaks for his son Sire’s special day, including performing an extra special song for the important moment when Sire, 1, was born.

Usher revealed the wonderful way he welcomed his kid into the world to Ellen Degeneres during a preview of his upcoming visit to the show. The song selection was described by Ellen as «wonderful.»


Usher opened up on the Ellen Degeneres show about the song that played when his son Sire was born.

On Monday, Usher stunned the crowd with his 25th performance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, receiving the «longest» ovation of applause «ever,» according to Ellen. Usher wore a khaki suit with beautiful embroidery to revisit the show and some of his most legendary appearances, totally at ease on the infamous morning talk-show sofa.

Usher had Ellen laugh out loud when he talked about how he tried to hide a torn groin muscle after participating in a Wipeout-style course for the show.

After Ellen mentioned that Usher had shared stunning images of his new baby ahead of his arrival, the topic of Usher’s beautiful children came up.

Usher has two kids with ex-wife Tameka Foster, Usher Raymond, and Naviyd Raymond, as well as daughter Sovereign and son Sire with girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea. After being caught off guard with only one downloaded song and no Wi-Fi during the births of Naviyd and Usher V, he knew he had to go all out for Sire’s arrival.

«Oh, I arrived completely armed,» he told Ellen, explaining how he made a specific playlist and how he wore speakers and backup batteries over his hospital robe, as well as providing a comical photo. Usher couldn’t disguise his grin when Ellen eventually asked what song was playing while Saint was born, and he said it was 50 Cent’s «In Da Club,» which is famous for the line «Go shawty, it’s your birthday.» What a great example of proper timing!

On Monday, Feb. 21, Usher’s full conversation with Ellen will run on the show’s new edition.