Neve Campbell Reacts Hilariously To The Weeknd Mentioning Her In His…


Neve Campbell Reacts Hilariously To The Weeknd Mentioning Her In His New Song

In ‘Here We Go…Again,’ The Weeknd has his new movie star screaming like Neve Campbell, and the ‘Scream’ actress thinks it’s ‘quite insane’ that she’s in his song.

Neve Campbell’s reaction to learning that her name appeared in The Weeknd’s latest hit «Here We Go…Again,» which she disclosed on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday, Jan. 18, was memorable.

She claimed to be «terrible with pop culture,» but she did recognize The Weeknd. She was ecstatic when James Corden said that Neve is not only in Scream, the most popular film at the moment but also in «Dawn FM,» one of the most talked-about albums.

Neve Campbell, The Weeknd

Neve Campbell and The Weeknd

«How insane is that?» says the narrator. She said, «It’s quite crazy.» «My publicist told me at first, and she mentioned The Weeknd, and I was like, ‘Wait, which weekend?’ ‘How about last weekend?’ I didn’t understand a word she said. ‘Oh, the guy who played in the Super Bowl,’ I realized. ‘That guy!’ exclaims a fellow Canadian. What a fantastic idea.» Naturally, James had to make a joke about her knowing the vocalist from the Super Bowl Halftime Show’s «Blinding Lights.»

The Scream actress’s lyrics have become a hot issue recently. In «Here We Go…Again,» The Weeknd sings, «My new girl, she’s a movie star / I loved her right, made her scream like Neve Campbell.» It’s not just a topical remark, but it’s also brought attention to his dating life. The song merely added gasoline to the fire surrounding reports that he is dating Angelina Jolie.

Unfortunately, the actress and the singer of «Save Your Tears» are not dating…yet. «He’s made a fantastic friendship with Angie and met her kids,» a source close to The Weeknd EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.

«But it’s been very much on the up and up when it comes to a full-on romance as it’s been friendly and business only.» «It would be premature to say they are dating right now because Angelina is focused on her family.»

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of a romance, as they stated that he would date the Girl, Interrupted actress «in a heartbeat.» Their priorities are allegedly elsewhere at the moment, with the actress focusing on finalizing her divorce and the singer emphasizing his work. But, once all of those issues are resolved, Angelina and Abel may be the next big thing in Hollywood.

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