Chris Brown’s 2-year-old son Aeko flaunts his long hair in a video with his…


Chris Brown’s 2-year-old son Aeko flaunts his long hair in a video with his mother Ammika.

You’re looking great! On her Instagram Story, the R&B singer’s little boy looked precious as his mother played with his long curly locks.

Chris Brown’s 2-year-old son Aeko is adorable! On Jan. 19, mom Ammika Harris posted a lovely video of her son and his ever-growing hair on her Instagram Story. The video, which was accompanied by beautiful, glittering music, appeared to show the two having just finished bathtime.

As his mother combed her perfectly manicured hands through Aeko’s hair to show off how long his locks had gotten, the back of his head faced the camera.

Ammika and Chris both like talking about Aeko on social media. Chris had people gushing last month when he uploaded a photo of his look-alike son wearing a beanie and a pea-green puffer jacket. «Heartbreaker,» his father captioned the photo.

Aeko and Ammika live in Germany, where she works as a model, but they maintain in touch with Chris, who is said to go «above and beyond» for his son. «Although Chris can’t always be with his son in person, he goes above and above to connect with Aeko on a regular basis despite their distance,» an insider told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY in October 2021.

He enjoys viewing images and videos of his son, as well as FaceTiming with him.’ «Chris is always sending tiny things, and he can’t believe Aeko will be two years old soon,» they continued. He’s looking forward to seeing his little kid growing up.»

Chris Brown, Ammika Harris

Chris Brown finds time to connect with his son Aeko, 2, even though he lives in Germany with his mom Ammika Harris.

When Aeko performed a concert in London in November, the star was also seen with him. «It was extremely essential to Chris to [spend] bonding time with his son given he just had a birthday last month and now the holiday season is upon us,» another insider told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the time. In London, Chris is having the time of his life with Aeko. He can’t believe how similar he is to him.»

Chris does not have an only child, Aeko. Chris and his ex-girlfriend Nia Guzman have a 7-year-old daughter named Royalty.

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