In Los Angeles, Ellen Pompeo blows bubbles with her adorable son Eli Ivery, 5.


Ellen Pompeo and her son Eli Ivery had some quality time together by blowing bubbles in front of a storefront in Los Angeles.

On Feb. 21, Ellen Pompeo, 52, enjoyed a nice Saturday day with her five-year-old son Eli Ivery. The Grey’s Anatomy star was seen blowing bubbles on the balcony of a LA business with her son.

With a black beanie, black long-sleeved shirt, and grey sweatpants, the actress kept it casual. Eli, dressed in a red long-sleeved shirt, black slacks, and gorgeous red and black sneakers, smiled next to her.

Ellen Pompeo, Eli Ivery

Ellen Pompeo with her son Eli Ivery

They got up at one point to chase after some of the bubbles they were making. Based on how much fun they were having, it’s evident that the mother and son duo have a close bond.

Eli is shared by the actress and her spouse, Chris Ivery. They have two older daughters, Stella Ivery, 12, and Sienna, 7, and Ellen makes sure to spend time with them as well.

She recently went shopping with her two daughters. They went to Target’s enchanted realm to get a few (or more) products. Mom and older sister Stella dressed down in jeans and shoes, while Sienna dressed up in a pink glittering dress and coat for the occasion. COVID cases were on the upswing at the time, therefore all three wore face masks.

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen enjoyed a Target run with both of her girls.

When Ellen isn’t spending time with her family, she may be seen working on Grey’s Anatomy, a prominent television show. The hit ABC series has been renewed for Season 19 according to recent reports.

There was talk over whether Ellen, the series’ main lady, would be back. According to THR, she’ll be back with «another wage hike and continues to be broadcast television’s highest-earning actress in a primetime drama series.»

Ironically, Ellen has been a proponent of the show’s cancellation. She believed it was time to end it up with the release of Season 18. She told Insider, «I’ve been trying to focus on convincing everyone that it should end.»

«I feel like I’m the naive one who keeps asking, ‘But what’s the story, what’s the story we’re going to tell?'» But, as Ellen is well aware, the program is still a tremendous hit, so it must carry on!