In the wake of the Rogan controversy, Joy Behar has called on Taylor Swift and…


In the wake of the Rogan controversy, Joy Behar has called on Taylor Swift and other younger artists to leave Spotify.

The co-host of ‘The View’ urged younger artists to ‘take a stand,’ but is it fair to single out Taylor Swift, who doesn’t possess masters for her early work?

In the wake of the controversies surrounding comedian Joe Rogan, 54, and his popular podcast sharing COVID misinformation during a Monday, January 31 episode of The View, Joy Behar, 79, called on contemporary musicians to follow in the footsteps of Neil Young, 76, and Joni Mitchell, 78, and remove their music from Spotify.

Joy mentioned during the «Hot Topics» conversation how significant it would be for someone like Taylor Swift, 32, to remove her music from Spotify in protest of Joe’s presence.

SPOTIFY TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR CONTENT? Joni Mitchell joined Neil Young in boycotting Spotify for letting podcaster Joe Rogan invite guests who push COVID misinformation on his show — #TheView reacts after Rogan addressed the controversy.

— The View (@TheView) January 31, 2022

Joy urged people to «put their money where their mouth is» after addressing Joe’s Instagram response to the situation, and she expressed her desire to see more people remove their music from Spotify. «I was unhappy that more musicians, singers, and other performers did not withdraw. They constantly criticize people who refuse to get vaccinated on Twitter, and then they keep their music there.

This would have been a great opportunity to demonstrate your values, but I didn’t see it. Only two persons from the 1960s and 1970s were present. Let’s observe how some young individuals go about doing it. «I’m looking forward to seeing Taylor and those men take a stance,» she remarked.

Despite the fact that Joy’s sentiment is understandable, Taylor may not have been the best example owing to her well-documented battle for her master recordings, which Scooter Braun bought many years ago. The «All Too Well» singer has been re-recording and re-releasing her first six albums as «Taylor’s Version.»

She has re-released her sophomore album Fearless as well as she critically praised hit Red from 2012. Because she owns the masters for her three most recent albums and the re-released «Taylor’s Versions,» it’s unclear if she’d be able to remove her whole catalog off Spotify.

Ana Navarro, a frequent guest co-host, praised Neil and Joni for bringing up the topic of COVID misinformation and encouraging the streaming service to be more upfront about its efforts to combat misinformation, noting a $2 billion drop in revenue as a result of their departure.

According to Pitchfork, the firm has since agreed to include content cautions to podcasts that address covid. «I’d like to express my gratitude to all of the people who turned off Spotify, rather than to Spotify itself.» Joni Mitchell and Neil Young were the ones that started it all.

They would not have lost the $2 billion if it hadn’t been for that. They would not have done this, put these restrictions in place, and taken these precautions,» Ana had stated earlier in the conversation.

Joy mentioned Taylor when calling on younger artists to ‘take a stand.’

In his apologies, the comedian promised to attempt to provide a variety of perspectives and stated that he was fine with Spotify adding advisories. He also stated that he had «no bad feelings» toward any performer due to Spotify’s removal of their music.

«I’ll do my best to balance out these more divisive ideas with the perspectives of others,» he stated. «I apologize if I irritated you, and thank you for listening to the podcast.» Sara Haines stated that, while not being a listener, she found his apology «refreshing.»