Meet Alan Alda’s Three Daughters from ‘MASH.’


Alan Alda has worked in film and television for decades. He’s also a loving spouse and father to three beautiful girls. Here’s where you may learn more about his lovely family!

Alan Alda, 85, is an Emmy Award-winning TV and film actor best known for his portrayal as Hawkeye Piere on the 1970s television show M*A*S*H.

He directed 32 episodes of the show, including the series finale special, in addition to performing. He’s also been politically engaged, speaking out for women’s rights in the 1970s and encouraging those with Parkinson’s disease to live full lives despite their condition (he was diagnosed in 2015).

Alan has a wonderful wife, Arlene Alda, who is 88 years old, and with whom he married in 1957. «My wife claims the secret to a long marriage is a short memory,» Alan said at the presentation of Marriage Story at the New York Film Festival, adding that it «seems to work!»

Alan Alda & Family

Alan Alda arrives with his family at the premiere of his movie ‘The Seduction of Joe Tynan’ in New York City (Red/AP/Shutterstock). He went on to say, «I don’t think we spoil each other; we just love each other.» «Without her, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish much since she always tells me, ‘You’re going to be great,’ whenever I leave the house to do some job.» And I tell her the same thing. I’m quite proud of her since she’s a writer and a photographer who is always working.»

Alan and Arlene are also parents to three daughters: Eve, Elizabeth, and Beatrice. Find out more about his family in the sections below!

Alan Alda, Beatrice Alda, Elizabeth Alda
Alan Alda gets a laugh from daughters Beatrice, 19, right, and Elizabeth, 20, while viewing one of his wife Arlene Alda’s photos on exhibit at New York’s Nikon House Gallery (C Halebian/AP/Shutterstock).

Eve Alda Coffey 

Alan and Arlene’s first child, Eve Alda Coffey, was born on December 18, 1958. Eve chose a more conservative lifestyle than her younger sisters, staying out of the spotlight and not following in her father’s footsteps. Eve studied psychology at Connecticut College and currently resides in Winchester, Massachusetts, according to her Facebook page. Her Twitter feed also hints at her previous work with the Democratic Party and her father’s continued support.

Eve expressed her support for Alan after he discovered he had Parkinson’s disease on Facebook. According to Closer Weekly, she posted on social media, «Glad my Dad decided to go public with Parkinson’s diagnosis this morning.» «He was quite cheerful (which is truly his style) in his appearance on CBS this morning, and emphasized that he’s continued to work and has ‘lived a full life’ since his diagnosis. He didn’t explain that ‘full life’ is an understatement… I believe he is currently working more and harder than he has ever worked!»

Alan also lovingly displays his support for Eve on social media, tweeting following the 2018 Golden Globes #timesup activism that he «love[d]» a tweet from his eldest.

Elizabeth Alda 

On August 20, 1960, Alan and Arlene welcomed their second child, Elizabeth Alda. Elizabeth wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps in show business when she was younger, making her film debut in Alan’s directorial debut The Four Seasons in 1981. She went on to star in Night of the Creeps, a 1986 science fiction horror comedy.

Elizabeth’s acting career, on the other hand, was short-lived, since she went on to work in special education. Alan once told the Saturday Evening Post, «Elizabeth [was] an actress for a spell.» «However, Elizabeth later concluded that acting was not for her. She went on to become a deaf educator and a special education teacher in general. «I’m quite proud of [my daughters] because they all have advanced degrees.»

Beatrice Alda

On August 10, 1961, Beatrice Alda joined the family. When she was younger, the now 58-year-old caught the acting bug as well, starring alongside her sister Elizabeth in her father’s film The Four Seasons.

Beatrice has also acted in films such as A New Life, Men of Respect, and others. She went on to start the production business Forever Films Studios and co-direct and produce the 2008 documentary Out Late, putting her enthusiasm for entertainment behind the camera. The film examines the lives of gay, lesbian, and transgender seniors who have come out late in life and are navigating their lives.

Beatrice is married to Jennifer Brooke, a filmmaker, with whom she has four children. In addition to Out Late, which Jennifer co-directed with her spouse, the two also co-directed and produced Legs: a Big Issue in a Tiny Town, a 2016 documentary about a dispute over a Larry Rivers sculpture in a small American town.

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