Korea launches its fourth projectile this month

Seoul: N. Korea Fires Projectile In 4th Launch This Month

North Korea launched at least one projectile into the sea on Monday, the fourth such launch this month as it showcases its military power despite increasing border closures and stopped negotiations with the United States, according to the South Korean military.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea did not immediately specify if the weapon was ballistic or how far it flew.

The launch comes after the North conducted two flight tests of a rumoured hypersonic missile on Jan. 5 and 11, as well as a test-firing of ballistic missiles from a train on Friday, in apparent retaliation for new sanctions imposed by the Biden administration last week for its ongoing test launches.

North Korea has been testing new missiles aimed to surpass regional missile defences in recent months.

According to some observers, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is reverting to a tried-and-true tactic of threatening the United States and regional neighbours with missile launches and absurd threats before engaging in discussions to obtain concessions.

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