Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Jeff Bezos Dinner: How She Feels…


Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Jeff Bezos Dinner: How She Feels About Going To Space.

Kim and Pete dined with the millionaire space traveler, and the beauty mogul shared her thoughts on becoming the next celebrity to blast off into space.

Kim Kardashian would undoubtedly choose the most fierce attire for a journey to space if she had to take one. After the 41-year-old beauty entrepreneur and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson, 28, reportedly dined with billionaire space pioneer Jeff Bezos at his Los Angeles home on January 25, people speculated that Kim could be the next passenger on his Blue Origin space rocket.

While the out-of-this-world speculations circulated, a source informed HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY how Kim felt about taking out into space.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s thoughts on space travel were revealed after she and Pete Davidson reportedly dined at Jeff Bezos’s house.

«Discussions about traveling into space weren’t happening when Kim dined at Jeff Bezo’s house the other day,» the insider continued, «but Kim would be first in line if a space voyage were brought to her.» «She thinks that would be the coolest thing ever, and if Jeff Bezo is on board, she’d be all in.»

She has a shortlist of bucket list items and going into space with only herself or her family would be the most fantastic thing she has ever done. She’d be up for it.»

If she wins the golden ticket, Kim will join a long list of celebrities who have used Jeff’s space program to reach for the stars. After a 10-minute journey on the Blue Origin rocket named the New Shepard in November, former NFL star and Good Morning America anchor Michael Strahan scored a historic touchdown.

Michael hugged Jeff and Jeff’s fiancée Lauren Sanchez after the booster landed safely in Texas and regaled them with accounts from his incredible journey, including his funny take on G-force. «The Gs — it’s a face drop, not a facelift.» He joked, «I know what I’m going to look like at 85,» before adding, «I want to go back.»

On October 13, William Shatner became the oldest person to journey to space when he launched with Blue Origin. «It was incredible,» the Star Trek legend stated after landing. The point is, you see the blue color pass you by and suddenly you’re staring at blackness… It was quite moving.»