Kevin Bickner: 5 Things To Know About A USA Ski Jumping Athlete Competing…


Kevin Bickner: 5 Things To Know About A USA Ski Jumping Athlete Competing In The Olympics

Kevin Bickner will compete in ski jumping at the 2022 Winter Olympics! Here are five facts about the current national record-holder who will compete in Beijing.

Kevin Bickner has done a great deal at the age of 25! The ski jumper, who now owns the US record and will compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, is eager to put his skills to the test on the snow. On Jan. 31, Kevin told NBC Chicago, «My aim are to improve upon my achievements from the last Olympics.»

«For being my first Olympics, I got some good outcomes.» I didn’t receive any medals or awards, but I did set some goals for myself, which I met. After four years, I believe I am capable of being that much.

Kevin, 25, holds the current American record for the sport, jumping 244.5 meters (802 ft.). On March 19, 2017, he accomplished this accomplishment on Norway’s Vikersund hill.

Kevin had a number of important achievements in the lead-up to the world-record-breaking event, including earning his first World Cup points in the 2016/17 season and finishing 23rd at Klingenthal. At the 2017 Nordic World Championships, he finished 30th in the large hill solo and 11th in the team large hill.

This is his second time competing in the Olympics.

Kevin’s first Winter Olympic Games appearance occurred in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in 2018. On the regular hill, he finished 18th, the greatest finish by a US male in the Olympics in 16 years. He also placed 20th in the large hill individual and 9th in the team large hill at the same race.

Kevin told NBC Chicago before the 2022 Winter Olympics, «I was always intending on attending to this Olympics.» «There was no such thing as a defining moment.» It helped me build my training strategy for the entire year because I knew it was a goal of mine. I knew there was a level I needed to return to, so I believe it allowed me to return with a lot of drive and to work hard throughout the year since I had a goal in mind and understood what I needed to do.»

He enjoys being outside, and not only for sports!

Kevin enjoys the rush of a ski jump, but he also appreciates the beauty and serenity of nature. Kevin shares a lot of beautiful photos from all over the world on his Instagram account. Kevin’s adventurous enthusiasm takes him all over the natural world, from the Slovenian highlands to Baja California Sur, the Utah desert to Grand Teton National Park!

His partner is extremely supportive of his professional endeavors.

Kevin also uses Instagram to share heartwarming photographs of his family and friends, giving followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at his biggest admirers. Are you one of those backers? Gauge, Kevin’s lover, seemed to like being outside and spending time with her beau, traveling to far-flung corners of the globe to cheer him on.

She showed up for Kevin at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials on Jan. 16, posting a «v patriotic» photo and even obtaining some lovely photos of him signing autographs for fans. It appears to be a keeper!