Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have welcomed their first child via surrogate

Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Welcome First Child Via A…

The 39-year-old actress and her 29-year-old husband – who married in 2018 – shared the news on Instagram, saying they’re «overjoyed» to be parents.

«We are happy to confirm that we have received a baby via surrogate,» Priyanka posted on Instagram. We humbly request privacy during this unique time so that we can devote our attention to our family. (sic)”

The actress has previously expressed her desire to start a family.

Priyanka said she’s «extremely fond of children» and wants to start a family in the next decade.

«I am a very ‘live in the moment,’ maximum ‘live in the next two months’ sort of person,» she said in 2018. However, in ten years, I absolutely want to start a family. That is, it will occur within the next ten years. Hopefully, it will be sooner than that.

«I love children and want to be able to work with them.»

COVID-19 travel limitations led Priyanka and Nick to spend much of 2021 apart.

And the Hollywood actor said that dealing with the situation was «difficult» at the time.

«This year has been incredibly stressful,» Priyanka said of filming the drama series ‘Citadel’ in London while her husband was based in the United States. Being away from home for a year, especially at a time when you can’t travel to see your family, was really difficult.

«I was just by myself.»

Despite this, Priyanka emphasized that they were both aware of their long-term professional goals.

«We talk all the time,» she explained. We have a good understanding of each other’s hearts. We put each other first in whatever we do.

«We’ve each had our own professions, and we’re both quite clear about never meddling in each other’s work life because we’re always partners and assets.

» We’ll have an opinion on each other’s things, and we’ll root for each other. But, because we’ve established our jobs on our own for so long, those are primarily decisions for both of us to make.»

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