Eva Longoria wears a crop top and shares her workout tips for staying in shape and…


Eva Longoria wears a crop top and shares her workout tips for staying in shape and improving her mental health.

As she spoke about her hour training routine on the cover of ‘Women’s Health,’ Eva Longoria flaunted her toned physique in a tiny crop top and short biker shorts.

It’s no secret that Eva Longoria, 46, has a fantastic body, as she demonstrated on the cover of Women’s Health in March 2022. Eva wore a long-sleeve brown knit crop top with a pair of orange bikini bottoms on the cover to show off her toned abs.

eva longoria

Eva Longoria looked gorgeous in this orange outfit for the March 2022 issue cover of ‘Women’s Health.’

Eva paired her Jacquemus top with a pair of bright orange Solid & Striped pants, which had a high collar and a zipper down the front. She completed her ensemble with a Tom Wood ring and a set of Ettika earrings.

Eva not only looked stunning, but she also revealed her training secrets. «For my mental health,» she told the magazine, she exercises out for one hour every day. Eva swears by two workouts throughout that hour: rebounding and lifting weights.

eva longoria

On the cover, Eva rocked a long-sleeve knit crop top with a pair of bright orange bikini bottoms.

Eva began rebounding, a sort of trampoline training, during her quarantine in 2020. «It brings me into the present,» she explained. You must concentrate entirely on the routine and learn the motions. They frequently switch sides, which might throw you off, so you must be vigilant. That’s fantastic.»

eva longoria

Eva put her toned abs & legs on display for the sexy photoshoot.

Eva lifts weights, does strength training, squats, and hip thrusts when she’s not on the trampoline. «I lift a lot of heavyweights,» she explained. «When I do that, I feel like my body changes the most.» I wear a heart rate monitor, and just completing a strong bicep curl causes my heart rate to jump.»

Eva enjoys working out, but she also enjoys cooking, which she describes as «therapeutic.» She went on to say, «I grew up on a ranch where we ate whatever was growing on the earth,» adding, «When squash season came around, we ate squash for three months.» It taught me the importance of understanding where food comes from the ground. Beans are a high-protein food for us. Portobello and jackfruit tacos, as well as cauliflower fried rice, are among my favorites.»