Kody Brown, star of ‘Sister Wives,’ said he’s constantly ‘questioning’ his…


Kody Brown, star of ‘Sister Wives,’ said he’s constantly ‘questioning’ his polygamy ‘lifestyle.’

In the middle of the drama with Meri and Janelle, as well as his breakup from Christine, Kody Brown of ‘Sister Wives’ claimed that he is continually ‘questioning’ polygamy.

For Sister Wives Kody Brown, it’s all about «being honest,» and he did exactly that when he spoke up about his current thoughts on his polygamy «lifestyle» before Sunday’s program.

Kody said that he questions polygamy «all the time» after a tough post-pandemic phase that saw him divorce from wife Christine Brown and grows distant from spouses Meri Brown and Janelle Brown.

«When you truly start being honest, you start looking up to the sky and going, ‘Geez, Father,» he told People Magazine. This is something I was motivated to do because of you. ‘What has caused such a shambles now?’

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Kody Brown revealed he’s ‘questioning’ his polygamy lifestyle ‘all the time.’

Kody began the conversation by talking about his ex-wife Christine and the couple’s decision to divorce after 25 years in November. Co-parenting Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely, and Paedon hasn’t always been easy since the divorce. Christine even skipped Kody’s Thanksgiving dinner because she found it «stressful.»

Christine was «living two lives,» according to Kody, by revealing her dislike for polygamy behind closed doors while supporting it on camera. It got him «angry as hell,» he told People Magazine. In front of God, you have to be honest about your questions, he added, prompting the journalist to inquire if Kody ever doubts his own polygamy. Kody said, «Oh, hell yes — yes.» «I’m constantly doubting it.»

The Browns have had a difficult time since COVID struck, and while Meri and Janelle are still «spiritually wedded» to Kody, they have both struggled with polygamy and their own connection with him. Meri has stated that her relationship with Kody is «estranged,» while Janelle admitted in a recent episode that leaving her and Kody’s «strained» marriage would be «simple.»

According to reports, Kody has been concentrating on his connection with his most recent wife, Robyn, who is also his only legal wife.

Diverse ‘Sister Wives’ had different reactions to Kody’s reservations about polygamy. Robyn’s vehement reaction demonstrated her commitment to the practice, as she sobbed openly about her disappointment with Kody and the other spouses for not working things out together.

«It irritates me,» she admitted. «… I just don’t understand why they can’t figure this out and talk about it and find a compromise and the things they like about each other.» Meri, on the other hand, stated that she is more open to any decision Kody chooses. She shared, «If he wants to quit up, he can give up.» «If he wants to go away, he’s free to do so.»