Emily Ratajkowski Wears A Backless Shirt With Bangs


Emily Ratajkowski wore a backless metallic silver fringe top with a completely new haircut with front bangs and looked stunning.

Emily Ratajkowski, 30, usually looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing or how she styles her hair, and she looked even better when she revealed her new hairstyle. Emily shared two photographs on Instagram with the caption «Twenty twenty too» — one of her sultry dress and the other of her new hairstyle up close.

Emily has had long black hair for years, so when she showed us new front bangs that covered her entire forehead, we were taken aback. Emily took a mirror selfie in which she wore a low-cut, metallic silver glittery blouse with a square neckline that displayed plenty of cleavage.

emily ratajkowski

Before debuting front bangs, Emily Ratajkowski had straight brown hair.

The back and sides of the top were cut off, and the front of the garment had long fringe tassels that fell down to her ankles. She paired the top with a pair of loose black straight-leg slacks with a low rise.

In the second shot, Emily was seen wearing the clothing and displaying her new hairstyle while bending over the sink. Her brown hair was down in free waves with a lot of volume on top, and her bangs were feathered out and flowed over her face. A smoldering smokey eye and a matte nude lip completed her appearance.

We’re not sure if the bangs were clip-in or not, but we thought they looked great on her and complemented her face shape nicely. If there’s one thing Emily is known for, it’s her constant change of hairstyles. She isn’t hesitant to experiment with her hairstyles, whether it’s an extremely sleek haircut, a short lob, or even platinum blonde.

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