In a new hairstyle, Billie Eilish gets baby bangs and dyes her hair jet black


When Billie Eilish shared her new hairstyle on Instagram, she unveiled short front bangs and jet black hair.

If there’s one thing Billie Eilish, 20, is known for, it’s altering up her haircut, which she did in her most recent Instagram photo. The singer revealed a new jet black color with very short front bangs and longer sides.

Billie flaunted her new appearance with a selfie taken on an aircraft. Her new hair color was jet black, and her bangs were incredibly cool. They were unusually short in the center of her forehead but turned into curtain bangs on the sides.

Billie Eilish Gets Baby Bangs & Dyes Hair Jet Black In New Hair Makeover – Photo


Fans flocked to the comments section to compliment her on her new look. «MY FAVORITE HAIR COLOR,» one fan said, «So lovely,» and another remarked, «BLACK HAIR ERA IS BACK.»

Meanwhile, Billie had her hair dyed red for a week before dying it brown just two weeks ago. She changes her hair color so frequently that we’re no longer astonished, and she always pulls off her hairstyles flawlessly.

Billie’s new style was a complete 180 from her platinum blonde hair of the previous several months. Billie startled us all again this summer when she shaved off her beautiful blonde hair and replaced it with a much shorter cut that terminated just below her jaw and had shaggy front bangs.

Billie has grown her hair out a bit since then, and before going entirely black, she gradually colored her hair numerous shades of brown until she achieved the desired color.

She had shoulder-length blonde hair with layers and front bangs before her haircut. Her hair had an edgier aspect to it now, and it was shaggier than before.