Bethenny Frankel Reveals She’s On A New Cleanse In A Sexy White Swimsuit


It’s a new year, and she’s a new person! Bethenny Frankel, 51, uploaded a new photo of herself in a sultry white one-piece, adding that she’s ‘glowing’ because to a cleanse she’s on.

Bethenny Frankel, 51, is starting afresh cleanse in the new year and says she’s «feeling fantastic and looking terrific.» In an Instagram post on January 19, the Skinnygirl founder and reality personality said that she’s been on a new diet this month, which has resulted in glowing skin and lustrous hair.

Bethenny Frankel Rocks Sexy White Swimsuit As She Reveals She’s…


Bethenny appears sleek and glamorous in the photo, wearing a tight white one-piece with a matching sun hat and electric blue nails. She also wore her own accessories collection’s Bethenny sunglasses, which are available on Home Shopping Network. Bethenny credited her calm demeanor to the effectiveness of her new cleanse, which she claims has given her «major sleep, skin, and spiritual advantages.»

Bethenny has been kicking in 2022 with sun, beach, surf, and plenty of elegance to compliment her cleanse. The diva has been enjoying some alone time in Palm Beach, and she shared another Instagram photo in which she wore a patterned strapless bikini and another pair of Bethenny sunglasses from her HSN collection.

The star was «feeling good» and «sunkissed» in the photo, according to the hashtags she used. «No filter, no glam,» Bethenny added to the picture, which she has previously underlined the significance of loving your natural style.

bethenny frankel

Bethenny Frankl, 51, looked slim and sunkissed in a new Instagram post, where she shared she’s been on a new cleanse.

Despite her fondness for sharing her uncensored life on Instagram, Bethenny isn’t hesitant to dispel people’s misconceptions. In December, she used her Instagram account to refute rumors that she had called off her engagement to Paul Bernon, 43.

The couple had been engaged since February, but rumors of a breakup started to circulate after Bethenny posted images of herself sans her $3 million rings. What is Bethenny’s justification? It’s up to her and her partner whether she wears a ring or not.

«A relationship, in my perspective, is about the two individuals in the relationship: the commitment and the feelings,» Bethenny said on Instagram Live. «It’s not about making announcements, pomp, and circumstance, or bling.» It’s a matter of symbolism, and if I want to wear an engagement toe ring, I’ll do so.»

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