Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman has 14 children, including her octuplets and…


Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman has 14 children, including her octuplets and six more.

Nadya Suleman is known as ‘Octomom,’ although she has a total of 14 children! Here’s all you need to know about her adolescent children.

After giving birth to eight children at once, Nadya Suleman got the moniker «Octomom.» She became the second woman in history to give birth to octuplets on January 26, 2009. She had six children before the octuplets, two of them are twins.

Despite initially denying it, the mother of 14 children ultimately revealed that she had all 14 of her children through IVF. Six of her octuplets were derived from six embryos left over from her prior IVF cycle.

Nadya Suleman and kids

Nadya Suleman and her kids sit down for dinner.

She and the octuplets have overcome the odds to this day, with all of them surviving and growing up to be healthy teenagers. In fact, the 14-year-olds’ birthday was recently commemorated by their mother, who sent them a beautiful note and a throwback photo of them when they were younger. Everything you need to know about the octuplets and her other six children is right here.

Soloman, Elijah Makai

Elijah Makai Soloman, Nadya’s eldest child, was born on May 19, 2001. He was her only child when he was 20 years old. He had no idea he would have 13 brothers and sisters. On his most recent birthday, his mother congratulated him and tweeted a photo of him blowing out the candles. «Happy 20th birthday, Elijah, my firstborn son!» Despite the conflicts and challenges we’ve experienced over the years, you’ve developed into such a lovely, kind, conscientious, and modest young man,» she wrote in the post.

Soloman, Amerah Yasmeen

Ameerah Yasmeen Soloman, Nadya’s oldest daughter, and the second oldest child are 19 years old. She recently graduated from high school and looks forward to a bright future. Her mother surprised her with a vacation to Disneyland and a beach BBQ for her 19th birthday. She emphasized the 19-year-huge old’s personality in an Instagram post dedicated to her daughter.

She added, «Sharing more photographs than normal to lightheartedly demonstrate the contrasts between Amerah and my personalities lol.» «Can you determine which of us is the outgoing, sociable extrovert?» That is the introvert who is socially uncomfortable, painfully shy, and avoids the sun like it’s COVID?»

Soloman, Joshua Jacob

Joshua Jacob Soloman, Nadya’s second-oldest son, and third-oldest child is 18 years old. JJ appreciates his privacy and strives to respect it as much as possible, she has stated on several occasions. That’s why, in honor of his birthday, she shared a throwback photo. In the caption, she said, «Happy 18th birthday to my second oldest son Joshua.»

«Despite being the only non-vegan in the family, you have developed into a highly intellectual, self-motivated, hardworking, responsible, and respected young man.» You are a one-of-a-kind individual with the most sarcastic sense of humor I’ve ever encountered. More than words can explain how much I adore you. You are loved and admired by all of us. I always have and always will respect your decision to stay private.»

Aidan Soloman is a British actor.

Nadya’s fourth child is Aidan Soloman. She was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 16 and has been an advocate for him ever since. She has stated that she wants him to grow up in the same setting as the rest of her children. She also spoke about the difficulties he has faced. «On the day of his dental surgery, Aidan, who is severely autistic, is not happy. The poor infant has no idea what is happening to him… In her Instagram post, she said, «Please offer your prayers.»

Soloman, Calyssa Arielle

Caleb is Calyssa Arielle Soloman’s fraternal twin. She is already discovering her strengths at the age of fifteen. Her mother recently flaunted her «creative abilities» on social media. She displayed a lovely watercolor painting of a sunset behind a green hill. Her mother recently described her as «hardworking» and an excellent student, as well as an animal lover who is devoted to her cat Penelope.

Caleb Kai Soloman is a character in the film Caleb Kai Soloman

Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman and her children.

Caleb Kai Soloman and his sister Calyssa are fraternal twins. The 15-year-old also has a private life and is rarely seen on his mother’s social media accounts. He is, nevertheless, expected to be close to his twin and the rest of his 13 siblings.


One of Nadya’s octuplets is Nariyah. The 13-year-old is already a natural performer. Her mother recently shared a song written by her daughter, demonstrating her potential as a future songwriter. She added, «Nariyah is a natural and passionate songwriter who has composed approximately 20 songs on her own.»

«She addresses cognitively reframing an unpleasant or tough scenario, experience, event, or feeling into a positive viewpoint in this song called ‘Pouring Down.’ «I hope this brings a smile to your face.»


Nadya Suleman and her octuplets.

Nadya Suleman and her octuplets.

One of Nadya’s octuplets is Isaiah. Apart from cameo appearances in Nadya’s photos in all of the octuplets, the 13-year-old has a private life. According to the photo, he appears to like spending time with his younger siblings.


One of Nadya’s octuplets is Maliyah. The 13-year-old has a lovely heart and, according to her mother’s Instagram posts, a future as a cook. Nadya has shared several of her recipes, including a recent batch of chocolate pancakes with delicious peanut butter. Not to mention the fact that they were vegan!


Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman and her octuplets.

One of Nadya’s octuplets is Jeremiah. The 13-year-old is another who isn’t particularly active on social media. However, based on photos, it appears that he enjoys spending time with his siblings of the same age.


One of Nadya’s octuplets is Noah. Not only is the 13-year-old best friends with their cat Penelope, but he also has a rare skill. Nadya congratulated Noah on a job well done at a concert, indicating that he is the family’s musician. «Be proud of yourself Noah on the performance of your initial strings!» Nadya wrote as he posed with a violin. «You were fantastic.»


One of Nadya’s octuplets is Josiah. The 13-year-old appears to like being in the spotlight and could be the group’s future star. Nadya shared a sweet video of Josiah’s big moment in a play he was in, and his stage presence is simply too cute. She captioned the video, «Couldn’t resist but share Josiah’s solo role in the OC play.»


One of Nadya’s octuplets is Jonah. The 13-year-old could be the family’s future dietician. Look at him, he’s carrying a gigantic piece of lettuce! If he ate all of it by himself, he will undoubtedly grow up strong and healthy.


One of Nadya’s octuplets is Makai. The 13-year-old appears to have a golden heart. Makai and his older brother Aidan are best friends, and Nadya frequently photographs their bond, referring to Makai as Adan’s «guardian angel.»

She revealed the nature of their close friendship in another post. «Makia is very close to his older brother Aidan (who has severe autism and is only one and a half years old)… «Watching them together warms my heart like nothing else,» she said in the caption of the photo.