After Mahogany ghosts him yet again, Ben feels’set up’ by her


In this EXCLUSIVE ‘Before the 90 Days’ teaser, Ben has planned a meal in Mahogany’s hometown and is anxiously waiting for her. Ben wonders if he’ll ever meet Mahogany when she ghosts him.

In this EXCLUSIVE peek of the February 6 episode of Before the 90 Days, Ben, 52, has booked a meal in Mahogany’s birthplace of Peru so they may finally meet. At the restaurant, thirty minutes have passed. Mahogany, 24, is still missing.

Ben is irritated by Mahogany’s delay, which is understandable. There are no other patrons in the restaurant. The waitress asks if he needs anything extra at one point. Mahogany hasn’t texted Ben in a long time. He wishes she would tell him what’s going on.

Before The 90 Days

Ben waits for Mahogany.

Mahogany still hasn’t arrived after over an hour. Ben is beginning to lose interest in the relationship. Ben says, «I poured so much of my heart into this.» «We’ve been messaging for three and a half months, and we’ve had fantastic talks and a spiritual connection that I can’t deny.» But at this point, I’m beginning to lose faith.»

Ben begins to question if Mahogany is telling him the truth. Ben admits, «I’m just thinking there’s a chance my buddies are right, and she isn’t who she says she is.» «There’s a chance she’s not even in the United States.» Is it possible that I’m being set up? Is it possible that I’ll come across as a fool?»

Ben was a former preacher in a rigorous, orthodox religious sect who was able to break free from his wife and confinement. Ben obtained work as a model after being featured in a fitness magazine and caught Mahogany’s eye after being homeless for a long. That’s when Mahogany DMed Ben, and their love tale began.

Before The 90 Days

Ben and Mahogany of ‘Before the 90 Days.’

Despite their 28-year age gap, they began to make preparations to meet in person. Red flags have been a source of concern for Ben’s family and friends.

Ben and Mahogany haven’t had a chance to video talk yet. Ben, on the other hand, believes that God has brought them together and that this is the route he is supposed to take. TLC’s Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8 p.m.