At dinner, Bo Derek, 65, wears suede pants as she catches up with…


At dinner, Bo Derek, 65, wears suede pants as she catches up with Maggie Q.

Suspended pants are not for everyone when dining in Los Angeles. However, not everyone is Bo Derek, who wore this outfit out on the town with his companion Maggie Q.

On Tuesday, Bo Derek demonstrated why she is still a flawless «10».» (Jan. 11). Bo, 65, wore a pair of trendy brown suede slacks, matching brown leather boots, a long white sweater, and a long beaded necklace right out of the 1970s while seeing Maggie Q at Craig’s in Los Angeles. Although the costume was retro-inspired, it was a new look that highlighted Bo’s timeless beauty.


Her nighttime companion was a kind of «jean genie.» Maggie, 42, donned a flared boot cut denim jumpsuit. She wore brown boots as well, and her hair was loose and down about her shoulders, just like Bo.

During their night out, she and Bo both carried brown leather purses, and Bo even wore a silk face mask that suited her ensemble perfectly. Bo and Maggie paused for a laugh outside the restaurant, and the paparazzi snapped this poignant moment between these two friends.


Bo recently made headlines when her longtime lover, John Corbett, announced on an episode of The Talk in August 2021 that he and Bo had secretly married eight months before. «Jerry, I can’t believe I forgot to tell you that around Christmas time we got married,» John, 60, said while conversing with his friend Jerry O’Connell. «Bo and I tied the knot!»

Jerry, 47, said he observed the ring on John’s finger but didn’t say anything since he didn’t want to offend him. After that, the star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding revealed some facts regarding the private ceremony. «We didn’t announce it,» John explained. «All of our friends and family were aware, but this is the first time either of us has spoken publicly about it since we haven’t had the chance.» So, you’re my pal, and now I think I’m going to tell the rest of America or the rest of the globe.»

«After twenty years, we’ve decided to be married,» John said of his relationship with Bo, whom he met on a blind date in 2002. «We didn’t want 2020 to be remembered as the year that everyone despised…get let’s one good thing out of it,» he added.

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