Will Smith Farts While Working Out With The Miami Dolphins And…


Will Smith Farts While Working Out With The Miami Dolphins And Posts Video

What a humiliating situation! During a relaxing workout with the Miami Dolphins, Will Smith had his video team cracking up as he passed the wind. Now is the time to watch the amusing ‘accident’!

Will Smith surely knows how to attract attention to himself! After he unexpectedly broke wind during a recent workout with the Miami Dolphins, the 53-year-old actor had all eyes on him. Will shared the amusing story with his loving — and naïve — 57 million Instagram followers on December 6.

«I was having a terrific time training with the Miami Dolphins until that morning coffee snuck up on me. «Wait for it…» wrote the star with the video. Will is on the ground with his arm stretched out on a muscle roller when the humiliating moment occurs.

«Please accept my apologies… «Excuse me,» Will began, looking around to see whether anyone from the production team had noticed the indiscretion. Everyone in the room burst out laughing, indicating that they had all heard what had happened. «Do you guys have showers in here?» the Oscar nominee inquired, eliciting even more hilarity. Will captioned the video, «They said to relax ALL my muscles,» demonstrating his sense of humour.

«It occurs,» one fan said, «but there’s something extra humorous about it when it’s Will Smith,» another added. «Lol I don’t know why people passing gas make you laugh, but I needed that chuckle,» another remarked. Will didn’t stop there, though, as he added a wind emoji behind his back to a screenshot of the incident.

Will’s current commitment to getting better includes filming the workout, as he stated in May 2021 that he was in «the worst shape» of his life. He said on Instagram alongside a photo of himself in his underwear, «This is the body that took me through a whole pandemic and numerous days snacking around the pantry.»

«I like my body, but I want to FEEL better in it.» There will be no more midnight muffins…this is it! «I’m going to get in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!!!» And he’s been hard at work on it! He uploaded a montage of his transformation in October, and let’s just say he’s killing it at the gym! When he’s not relaxing ALL of his muscles, that is.

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