Jimmy Garoppolo’s Girlfriend: Everything We Know About His Relationship…


Jimmy Garoppolo’s Girlfriend: Everything We Know About His Relationship History With The 49ers QB.

Single girls all over the world are waiting to know if Jimmy Garoppolo has a special someone in his life, thanks to his good looks and football skills. Here’s what we know about his extremely private existence.

All eyes are on quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo as the San Francisco 49ers resume their quest for the Super Bowl in 2022. Jimmy was moved to the 49ers in the middle of the 2017 season after four seasons as Tom Brady’s backup quarterback with the New England Patriots. In the 2019 season, he led the squad to great success, culminating in a Super Bowl appearance in February 2020. The 49ers were defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs, but Jimmy had already established himself as a valuable component of the club.

Jimmy lost many games due to an ankle injury in the 2020 season, but he returned in 2021 and has once again guided the 49ers to the playoffs. The squad will face the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship game on Jan. 30, with the winner advancing to the Super Bowl.

The 30-year-old is completely focused on his football profession and has made it a point to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. While he does not currently have a girlfriend (that we are aware of), he has had a number of publicized relationships in the past. Here’s the lowdown on Jimmy’s dating history:

jimmy garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo celebrating a win.

Alexandra King

Jimmy was linked to model Alexandra King at the start of 2018. Jimmy and Alexandra initially became linked after she shared a snapshot of the two of them on Instagram on Valentine’s Day. «My Valentine,» she said besides a red rose emoji in the caption. In March of the same year, they were also photographed holding hands in Disneyland.

When Jimy was asked about the relationship during an interview, he replied it was «news to [him]» that they were dating at all. Whatever transpired between these two, it didn’t appear to be a happy ending. Jimmy was injured on the football field in the fall of 2018, and Alexandra wrote the word «KARMA» on a photo of him being wheeled into the locker room. Ouch!

Alexandra hails from Boston, where Jimmy resided at the period of their relationship. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, she worked as a model and influencer. She now primarily pursues photography.

Kiara Mia 

Jimmy was caught on a dinner date with porn star Kiara Mia in Los Angeles after the ESPY Awards in July 2018. Fans were buzzing about whether or not they were dating after the two linked arms as they left a restaurant together. After the meal, Kiara told TMZ, «Jimmy and I had a great supper and he treated me with such respect and grace.» «To tell you the truth, we’re pals.»

In the end, the night out was just a fling, but Jimmy claims it taught him a lot about being in the spotlight. Jimmy admitted at the time, «Life is different now.» «I’ve never been big on being extremely public with stuff on social media in my life off the field.» I don’t spend a lot of time on there. My life, on the other hand, is viewed in a different light. I’m being examined under a microscope. It’s been a beneficial learning experience.»

When the 49ers won the Super Bowl after the 2019 season, Kiara credited Jimmy with leading the team to victory. In December of 2019, she remarked, «I declared that they were headed to the Super Bowl.» «He’s incredible, talented, and a natural star!» Actually, she isn’t entirely incorrect. «I can promise the 49ers that they will make the Super Bowl and win because everything I touch turns to gold,» Kiara told TMZ after the 2018 dinner date. They didn’t make it to the big game that year, but the following year they did!

Mystery Model

Jimmy said in a feature story for Bleacher Report towards the end of 2018 that while he was playing for the Patriots, Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, tried to hook him up with one of their model pals.

The model in question was not named in the article, but the incident made Jimmy reflect on his celebrity status, comparing it to Adrian Grenier’s character (Vinny Chase) on Entourage. «It’s odd to think about it since I didn’t anticipate being in Vinny’s situation, but it’s slowly becoming that.» According to the author of the essay, the connection with the mystery woman «did not work out.»

jimmy garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo on the football field.

Jimmy’s Instagram DMs began to flood with messages from ladies once he became a well-known public figure. He did make it clear, though, that he is watchful of who gets into his inbox. He explained, «You don’t even know whether it’s a real person.» «All you have to do is pretend they aren’t there.» The strangest thing is the comments. «The DMs are even more insane.»


Jimmy was said to be dating a VIP bottle service lady named @shaybaevip on Instagram in 2019. This tale began as a rumor in a tip box on a gossip website, therefore there’s little evidence to back it up. Jimmy, on the other hand, is said to have unfollowed @shaybaevip on social media once the rumors surfaced! There has never been a definitive answer as to whether or not this romance was genuine.