Season 12 of ‘RHONJ’ may shatter friendships, according to Dolores Catania…


Season 12 of ‘RHONJ’ may shatter friendships, according to Dolores Catania: ‘There’s A Lot Of Fighting.’

You already know Season 12 of ‘RHONJ’ is going to be awesome if you’ve seen the trailer. But you didn’t realize that certain friendships would be jeopardized in the process.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s new season, which begins on Bravo on February 1, «is going to be really wonderful,» according to Dolores Catania. Remember the scene where the cast declared it was even greater than Teresa Giudice’s notorious table flip?

So, according to Dolores, the incident occurs in Nashville, during the cast’s «wild» journey to the south. Teresa gets into an «epic» battle with Margaret Josephs, according to Dolores. «I mean, that’s crazy.» It’s as though you have a gut feeling about it.»

A heated encounter between Dolores and Jackie Goldschneider was also seen in the trailer, which gave a small glance at that «epic» fight. So, what was the point of that? «I have a moment with Jackie,» Dolores explained, «and you know, everyone will see why.» There aren’t many things that can bring me to that level of rage. As a result, she did.»

But when it comes to Teresa and Margaret, Dolores has assured us she won’t be getting too involved. «I don’t pick sides among my pals.» She described us as «sisters.» «What happens if you pick a side and then they reconcile?»

You’re a jerk, right? I’ll offer each of them my honest view — not in front of the other — and tell them exactly how I feel. I’m straightforward. But, you know, how many times do these girls argue and then become friends [again]? I wage my own wars and create my own foes.»

Teresa and Margaret’s conflict will be fueled by rumors regarding Teresa’s fiance, Luis Ruelas, according to the teaser. A video showing Luis at some sort of rehabilitation center leaked online shortly before the actors began filming Season 12. Dolores, on the other hand, never changed her mind about Luis. «My attitude on Luis and the relationship hasn’t changed,» she stated. «And the proof of the pudding is in the eating…

They seem to enjoy each other’s company. Isn’t that sufficient? Meeting someone at this time of our lives, as I’ve mentioned, is like meeting someone from the past. Everybody has been in a relationship where we weren’t all proud of the other person. Some were excellent, while others were not, but you can learn from each one. So, I think of them as an experience that you either learn from or don’t, but I see that they have a great relationship. They have excellent communication skills. She’s overjoyed.»

In terms of her personal life, Dolores said that she and longtime boyfriend David Principe have broken up, but she has no regrets about dating him. «I have no regrets about my connection with David because we didn’t see each other all that much, but my children were still little and at home.»

So, David’s partnership suited my life at the time, but things need to change five years later, and if they don’t, it’s time to go on. But I don’t have any regrets. I stayed in there longer if I wanted things to be different than I can say, but when I wanted to change and it didn’t happen, it was time to move on. «I gave it my all,» she remarked.

Dolores Catania posing at the Season 11 reunion of ‘RHONJ’. (Bravo)

Dolores also told us that she’s seeing a new person and is «quite happy.» We couldn’t be happier for her because her new man is a «wonderful person,» but that’s all she’d say at the moment. We got the idea she didn’t want to jinx anything because it’s still new.

When we came back to talking about the new season of RHONJ, Dolores stated the Nashville trip will be «a lot of fun» in addition to having «the most epic scene you’ve seen in many, many years.» «You’ll see some [friendships] revived and some [friendships] that may never return,» she continued. It’s not going to be a dull trip. That’s how we’ll put it.»

She also revealed that her own storyline this season «would reflect a lot of transformation in my life.» Dolores received a call while filming informing her that her «mom required emergent open-heart surgery.» As a result, it was caught on camera. From there, it’s just a difficult ride, and my family goes through a lot. It’s quite terrifying.»

Overall, the new season «won’t let you down.» Dolores revealed, «Everyone has their moments.» «At the start, there are some very big shots that come out. Friendships will be called into question, as I already stated. There will be a lot of fighting, but there will also be a lot of fun.»