Olivia Culpo is enraged after being told she couldn’t fly in her sports bra…


Olivia Culpo is enraged after being told she couldn’t fly in her sports bra and biker shorts.

When Olivia Culpo was informed she couldn’t board a plane because she was wearing a sports bra and biker shorts, she was furious.

Olivia Culpo, 29, had a dreadful day trying to board her flight to Cabo, Mexico, on January 13. Olivia was dressed in a tiny black bralette, high-waisted biker shorts, and a long black cardigan as she arrived at the airport. When it came time to board the American Airlines plane, Olivia was informed that she would be unable to travel in her current attire and would have to change.

What year will we be done policing women’s bodies??? @AmericanAir @oliviaculpo pic.twitter.com/TLFEGnoje2

— Amy (@amyjeannn7) January 14, 2022

When Olivia was told she wouldn’t be able to board, she grabbed her boyfriend, Christian McCaffrey’s, sweater and wore it over her entire upper body. She pulled the green sweatshirt up over her head to demonstrate that she was still wearing her clothing underneath.

Olivia’s elder sister, Aurora, filmed the entire situation, and Olivia uploaded her sister’s video showing her wearing the outfit with the caption, «Oh no I’m confused lol.» Is this attire insulting or inappropriate?»

Aurora then captured footage of another aeroplane passenger wearing a plunging bralette, high-waisted leggings, and a sweater. The other passenger told the camera that she couldn’t understand why she was allowed to board in her attire but Olivia couldn’t in hers. «New best friend had my back,» Olivia captioned the video.

They were able to board the plane eventually, and Olivia shared a photo of Christian sitting in his seat, wearing only his white T-shirt with his arms tucked in because he was cold because Olivia was wearing his sweatshirt.

«I’m dressed back in my risqué athleisure suit and handed Christian back his clothing lol,» Olivia captioned a photo of herself in her original outfit after they arrived. «My next airport lewk,» she captioned another shot of vintage airline hostesses dressed in their costumes of long knee-length skirts and jackets.

Despite the tension, Olivia arrived in Cabo safely and is already enjoying her vacation, getting to wear all of her favourite outfits.

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