In the midst of his Kim Kardashian romance, Pete Davidson jokes about his…


In the midst of his Kim Kardashian romance, Pete Davidson jokes about his success with women: «I’m a Steal.»

During a recent stand-up show, Pete Davidson made a hilarious joke on his appeal to women, alluding to his new romance with Kim Kardashian.

Pete Davidson, the comedian, recently cracked a joke about his weird luck with attractive, high-profile women, speculating on why he’s become so desirable.

«My friends tell me there’s a curiosity about me,» the 28-year-old Saturday Night Live star remarked during a stand-up act at the 9th Annual Patrice O’Neal Comedy Benefit Concert at New York City Center on Jan. 18. «Because I was giving an interview, I was trying to figure out how to explain myself to someone.»

The New Yorker went on to compare himself to a 7-Eleven bargain DVD bin, where movies like Shrek Forever and Tropic Thunder are available for purchase. Tropic Thunder, he said, was a «classic» that «doesn’t belong in the trash,» a description he applied to himself. «My name is Tropic Thunder. He joked, «I’m the jewel in the rubbish.» «It’s a bargain.»

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson walks the runway at the 2020 Alexander Wang fashion show.

The King of Staten Island actor and the SKIMS founder met while filming Kim’s hosting debut on Saturday Night Live on October 9th. During the episode, Kim and Pete appeared on screen together in an Aladdin-themed sketch, in which Peter portrayed the title character opposite Kim’s Princess Jasmine. Following a brief kiss, the two certainly sensed chemistry and began hanging together shortly after.

«As everyone knows, Pete moves quickly in his relationships, and Kim is no exception,» an insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife on Jan. 9. «Remember, he proposed to Ariana incredibly quickly and was eager to live the husband’s life,» they added. «This time around, he is not going to pull the trigger as quickly because he wants it to last and doesn’t want to harm what they are establishing with each other.»

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson attends the 2020 premiere of ‘Big Time Adolescence.

In addition to numerous outings together, the comedian also hung out with Kim’s family at mom Kris Jenner‘s Palm Springs home to celebrate his birthday in addition to jetting off for a romantic trip with Kim to the Bahamas!

“He is easing into this relationship differently as he has noticed that it is actually the most important relationship he’s ever had. This relationship with Kim in Pete’s eyes has a lot of legs to it and he refuses to screw it up,” the source concluded.

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